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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Moving On From TKFV

It's been a long time since there's been a new post here on TKFV and many of you may be wondering what's been going on.  Over the past few months I've been going to school at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, DJing in clubs like 1 OAK NYC and The Darby with and for people like Kanye West, Anja Rubik, and Samantha Ronson, and working with and producing songs for my group, Hugh Cosby & Alan South, and other artists.

I'm posting here today to let everyone know that you can continue to follow me and everything I'm doing for now on my fan page. I will be posting on TKFV again for major updates on new websites and other major things that happen. And I promise, there will be another blog again. But for now check out the link below:


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

David: Vader the Villin x Pittsburgh Verse (Video)

The homie, Vader the Villin, unleashed this video filmed by Duane Peterson a few days ago. The instrumental is from Mac Miller's "Pittsburgh Kidz Get the Biz. Check out the video above!

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David: Moral Fibers Photo Shoot (Clothing)

Homepage Photo for Moral Fibers (Click the photo to continue onto the website)
A few weeks ago photographer Sarah Kjelleren, model Amy Douglas, and myself went down to NYC to shoot and model for the Moral Fibers 2011 Summer Lookbook. Moral Fibers is a new company based out of Montreal owned by co-founders Matt and Martin. The t-shirts are designed by Haitian artists and have a smart phone QR code printed on the back for potential buyers to scan and check out the shirts on their phones. If the person scanning the shirt decides to buy one, the person wearing the shirt makes money from the purchase. An idea that makes this company extremely unique from the rest. Click the photos for more information and be sure to buy a shirt as well!
Summer Lookbook 2011 Cover (Click the photo to view the full lookbook)


David: Mutual of Omaha - My Aha Moment featuring TKFV and Ditto

Recently Josh (Alan South 1/2 of Ditto), Gray, and myself sat down with Mutual of Omaha to share our "Aha Moment." Essentially we shared a short story of how Gray and myself started Two Kids From Vermont, how Alan and I started Ditto, and how we all have made a team in the last year. Check out the video below:


Monday, June 27, 2011

Gray: Meet Jacob Es

So far this summer I have met more people in Burlington than I have in the past few years combined. It seems like there is a huge group of kids who end up at the same sort of parties, and who have a lot of thes same mutual friends. While Jake was not an exception to how I met him, after I heard him spit a few verses during a session at his spot, I knew this kid had talent. As I began to kick it more with Jake and his roommate Zach, its pretty obvious that he has the drive and motivation, as well as the work ethic to really produce music that both he and his audience enjoy listening to. He's got a quick flow with good sound, but can also slow it down and show how he too has a voice. You all should check him out and download his latest mix tape, The Stoned Poet Society. We just finished our second shoot for a music video in the works, so stay tuned for that too. Expect big things from Jacob Es, and catch on before the wave gets "too cool".


Thursday, June 2, 2011

David: Toony TuneS & Mr. Mockwell x Conducted Sounds Of Drama (Mixtape)

After one full listen all I can say is... DAMN. The homie, Toony TuneS, also seen on TKFV through his posts featured as TheManWithThreeNames, just released this tape with Mr. Mockwell. Everything on this mixtape is very different than what is out right now, which makes it so dope. Everyone get used to this guy now. This is the future. Listen and download it below:

Download here - Bandcamp


David: Frank Ocean x Lonny Breaux (Mixtape)

This has been out for a minute now, but I've talked to a lot of people and they seem to not know about it, so I'm throwing it up on TKFV for everyone to download that hasn't gotten it. The guys over at KanyeToThe.com compiled this mixtape together with 63 unreleased tracks pre-nostalgia/ultra so if you can’t get enough of Frank Ocean, then you should definitely get The Lonny Breaux Collection. A little fact too, Lonny Breaux was the alias Frank used before he went by Frank Ocean. Download it all below!

Download here - Hulkshare