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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

David: Tyler, the Creator x BASTARD

My man Tyler, the Creator, released this mixtape awhile back, but we're here to introduce it to everyone here on TKFV! We met this guy on Fairfax Ave out in Los Angeles skateboarding, and this dude is HILARIOUS. And along with that his music is dope too. Here's his own short summary on the mixtape...

"BASTARD. 15 Songs. Instruments, Lyrics, Cover, Videos, ETC, All Done by The Same Nigga. Songs Consist of Rape, Coke, Jesus, his Father, And What Ever A Box Logo Is."

For a little preview here's two songs from the mixtape:

So yeah... click the fucking link and download it here - zSHARE


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gray: The 50 Hour Film Contest

Last weekend, my friend Max Bailey and I teamed up for the 50 Hour Film Contest. This is a state-wide contest for high schoolers with some sort of talent in making films (but no talent is required... there have been some pretty wack movies submitted before). Everyone is given the same prompt on friday after school, where it gives you the genre, a list of quotes you need to use in the film, and some other general rules. But basically, you have to make a 4-10 minute movie in one weekend. We were lucky to get some good actors this year, and were pretty siked with what we made. A big thanks goes to Joey Behlendorf and Gina Lord for doing a great job acting, and making it a fun experience all around. OH, and thanks to Nick Magner for stunt driving and Sumner Williams for being a bodyguard! The other half of TKFV, David, ended up gettin a nice role in the film too, so TKFV was present throughout the production of this film. But enough of me talking, watch what we made! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

The Ticket from Two Kids From Vermont on Vimeo.

David Update: This is my acting debut!! So don't hate lol


Gray: The Love Hates

So when we were checkin out the HVW8 Mos Def exhibit in LA, we met this dude Kevin Thomas. We ended up talkin for a couple hours while we were waitin for Tyler to get back so we could get the interview on the exhibit. He told us some other cool places in LA
to check out, his views the LA culture, and we discussed the LA vs VT treez.

Kevin started up his own clothing line, The Love Hates, with his homie Henry Anguiano. When we were down in LA, they had a bunch of crew necks made, so David and I both copped one after we all chilled at Conart and Known on Fairfax Ave one night. These guys are legit; their product is fresh, and they are cool guys with a real sense of style. You can check out their fan page HERE.


David: TKFV Formspring

So TKFV is now on Formspring! Feel free to ask us some questions and we'll try to respond to them all. We're new to this one, so hope everyone makes us feel welcome!

Here's the link! - FORMSPRING

o and PS... F@#$ THE HATERS


David: CJ Bowman x Bill Murray Stencil

CJ Bowman

Me and this guy have known each other for a long time. In
fact he was the first true homie I had when I moved to Vermont four years ago and the reason Gray and myself met. So allow me to introduce CJ Bowman to the TKFV community! This guy is an amazing artist, photographer, and graphic designer. In fact he's making a TKFV logo for us, so already this guy is apart of the family.
But just recently he sent me a time lapse video of his
new work of art. A stencil of Bill Murray from the cover of Lost in Translation. And not only is this video dope, but it took 15 hours to complete everything. So everyone check out the video below! This man is in the TKFV family, and we do not disappoint!

To see the original post and a little more insight on the work and CJ himself check out his blog here!


Monday, March 29, 2010

David: Sarah Kjelleren Photo of the Week!

So we're starting something new here on TKFV! Everyone give a warm welcome to the amazing, creative, and lovely Ms. Sarah Kjelleren and her DOPE photography! She's done a few photos of me before as you can see here, and hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get a few more done from her again. But here's week number one and picture number one brought to you by Sarah Kjelleren!

To view more of her work check out her blog or her Flickr!
Also to get in touch with Sarah Kjelleren her email is: sarahkjelleren@yahoo.com


Gray: WATCH OUT! Chris Colbourn

If you know anything about the Burlington skateboard scene, you have heard of Chris Colbourn, or as some people know him, Cookie. To be honest I can't really remember how we met, but it was somehow through me filming, and him skating. I've filmed with Chris a bit in the past year, and from that we've put together a few cool edits. Such an easy person to film: no bitching, real mellow, throws down bangers, and is always down to burn trees. The real dude who gets most of the skateboarding that happens around the Burlington area on film is Danny Hopkins (youtube). Cookie is featured in a ton of Danny's videos, as well as his film "This Year". Keep an eye out for this kid, he kills it everyday, AND hes livin' on the east. Just wait til he hits the no-rain west coast...


David: Kanye West x Street Lights (Unofficial Video)

I was going to throw this up yesterday, but the Vimeo version of this video suddenly stopped working. And now Adeen has beat me to the punch on their blog, but I will not give up! Here's the unofficial Street Lights video directed by Spize Jonze & Jonathan Bensimon and Edited, Cut, and Mashed-Up by YeezyDude!

Warning: This shit is incredible! Watch and be amazed!


David: SNOMAD x Frank 151 Magazine

I did a post myself about the SNOMAD event not too long ago. But here's the event featured on the Frank 151 Magazine site. Here's a preview of the article...

"On Saturday, March 20th, 2010, the world of snowboarding came together to celebrate the work of two of its most influential and beloved photographers at a photoshow entitled "SNOMAD."

Aptly named, "SNOMAD" showcased work of Dean "Blotto" Gray and Cole Barash with compelling shots of snowboarding, their friends and the world around them. The event was held at the Simpson family barn following the Burton U.S. Open halfpipe finals in Stratton, VT. Despite a nearly impassable road of mud leading up to the venue, over three hundred of snowboarding's elite, media, friends & family attended to show their support for the two iconic photographers."

If you want to read the whole article check the original post here!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

David: MGMT x Congratulations

I'm a huge MGMT and electro fan so of course I have to throw this up before their new album Congratulations is released. I've been listening to the new songs on their website so for those who haven't been able to take a listen yet go and visit it now on the link below!


Gray: Sunday Night Review

So I just finished a large bowl of cookie dough and watched the latest episode of How to Make it in America. I'm not going to spoil it for all you lazy people who DVR the shit out of everything (its ok, i love my DVR too), but I'll share what I feel about the show and the episode. I started watching this show for 2 reasons.. 1: HBO decided to take entourage off of on-demand, so now I can't rewatch the series for the 4th time waiting for season 7 to come out in the spring. 2: Kid Cudi is in it (not enough though!) So the season started off a little slow in my opinion, but now it's really getting good because we know a little about the characters. Last episode left me with a pumped up feeling, which was really reflecting my mood in my own life, so I was feeling better than ever at this moment a week ago. This episode though had a different feel. The show is shot so "real," and you can relate to something about you and your life in almost every character. This episode brought back the reality in these character's lives; no high lasts forever.

Watch this show, even if it's just your tide over till spring when entourage is back on (so psyched! Btw fuck all u season 6 haters)

Enjoy your week everyone!


David: My Friends Are Crazy

Below is a music video of my good friend Sumner (DJ Sum1) and his friend Erik. They did this for their history project. Thought the video was pretty dope. Note that this isn't completely serious either lol. Check it!

Consumerism from Sam Rogers on Vimeo.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

David: Drop by Earl Sweatshirt

We met this dude out on Fairfax Ave when we were in LA. Sent me the link to download his new song over Rich Boy's Drop, and after giving it a listen I thought it turned out dope. He's set to release an album soon so everyone be on the lookout for that. Download Drop by Earl Sweatshirt Here!

This dude is also in a group called OddFuture. Check their website here!
Gray Update: OddFuture footage from the LA trip coming soon!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gray: TKFV vs LA

After tons of hours of filming, traveling, and editing, this is what we came up with...

TKFV vs LA from Two Kids From Vermont on Vimeo.

Special thanks to: HVW8, 7th Letter, Johnny Cupcakes, Oddfuture, Known Gallery, Conart, 5th Column, and Diamond Supply Co.


David: SNOMAD x Burton US Open

It was a good weekend for sure down at the US Open in Stratton, Vermont. Saturday night, March 20th, TKFV, OKAY!! OKAY!!, and homies Josh (DJ D-Cutz) & Scotty helped put on the Snomad event. The show featured the works of well known photographers, Cole Barash & Dean "Blotto" Gray, and their captivating imagery in snowboarding. D-Cutz and myself threw down on the tables for the night and kept the party moving. Below are some photos from the event!

Check out Dean "Blotto" Gray's site here!
Check out Cole Barash's site here!


David: Soundtrack 2 My Life (Video)

You know Gray and myself are both huge Cudi supporters... And of course big fans of How to Make It In America. So to show our support some more check out Cudi's new video for Soundtrack 2 My Life!

DatNewCudi.com: KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Directed by Jason Goldwatch) from DatNewCudi / DP on Vimeo.


Gray: Kicks of the Week

Aight so yeah I'm a Jordan guy.. so it shouldn't be too big of a surprise that the first kick of the week post will be the ragin bull pack. It seems like people either love or hate these sneakers. I feel like the 5s are a bit played... but these shoes are an exception. I have yet to cop this pack, but before I head out to college next year this set will be in my shoe suitcase for sure.


This is my friend Brian... and yes that is his real hair. His nickname isn't the IINFAMOUUSZ M.O.H.A.W.K. for nothing lol. I met this dude three years ago on a cruise ship when he had a baby mohawk, and as you can see now it isn't so baby anymore. Whenever I come down to NYC I always give this dude a call. Never have so many strangers in my life approached us to take pictures or talk about his hair. And it's always the same questions... "How long did it take you to grow that?" and "What do you use to put that thing up?" So to answer everyone's questions before they ask him in person!.. 4 years and he uses hair spray. So people take notes if you want to grow a mohawk as dope as this dudes. YEZZIRRR


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

David: Support Haiti x South Burlington High School

On Monday, March 22nd, good friend Tommy, teacher Ms. Watkin, and myself presented a check to the organization called Pure Water for the World at the Hilton in Burlington, Vermont. Our group at school, called Support Haiti, had a three day bake sale at our talent night and raised a total of $1,052.75 for the organization! Great to be able to help as much as we can. Haiti won't be fixed overnight, but they need as much as they can get.
Below are some pictures from the event and the group of kids involved in Support Haiti at SBHS!

For more information about Pure Water for the World click here!


David: Frendy Lemorin x KousKousKlan

Yesterday I introduced my man Frendy to the TKFV community here! Today I'd like to welcome KousKousKlan! Below are parts 1, 2, & 3 with none other than my man Frendy himself. Watch and enjoy!

For more information check out KousKousKlan's website here!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gray: Casey Veggies

Casey Veggies freestyle from Two Kids From Vermont on Vimeo.

Met this dude while we were out in LA. Did a quick freestyle for us in the back of the Conart Event and of course it turned out dope! Check this dude out on his Twitter here, his Facebook fan page here, and his Myspace music page here!

Download Customized Greatly Vol. 1 - zShare
Download Customized Greatly Vol. 2 - LimeLinx



Gray: Editing, Editing, Editing

Yes, this is where all the magic happens. LA video coming to you shortly! TKFV!!!


David: Frendy Lemorin

Actor, blogger, model, entrepreneur, BAPE sales associate, & visionary. And to summarize that in four short words... Frendy is that dude! This guy has been a close friend of mine for awhile now ever since I met him at the Bape store in New York City a little over a year ago. And from then on everything has clicked. Always can count on this dude for a helping hand if I need it!
For those that don't know I used to intern for Frendy Lemorin back when he was on his *General-Made blog. And to tell the truth, without him I don't think I'd have all this blogging knowledge I do now lol. So thanks homie!

Be sure to check out his résumé here, his Twitter page here, and his Facebook fan page here!
If anyone wants to book Frendy Lemorin for a gig, modeling, or acting they can contact him at Frendylemorin@gmail.com or contact his manager Ingrid French at 1(646) 602-0653



Gray: Congrats to Max Bailey!

Just got a call from my homie Max tellin' me he just got into the film school University of British Columbia (one of his #1 choices for universities next year).

A dope school for sure! Right in Vancouver, with a driving distance from Whistler. I also applied and got accepted, and will be heading over for a long weekend beginning of April, stayin wit homie Adrian Ireland to check it all out.

The stress is all off for max now, no more worrying about if he got in or not.

David Update: Good luck next year homie!


David: Happy Birthday Will Kiendl!

Happy birthday to the homie Will Kiendl! Been good friends with this dude for 4 years now and he hasn't changed one bit... in a good way of course lol. Still that crazy, funny, girl obsessed kid I've known all these years. And nothing's wrong with that! Hope it's a good one man! Enjoy it while it lasts!
Gray Update: Happy Birthday birthday young$$$$$!! Keep it easy and have a good one!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Gray: Introduction Seduction

Here is the intro to the TKFV vs LA video

Full video droppin tomorrow



Gray: HELLO!

Hello, I'm Gray!
Heres a little edit we put together @Talent Skatepark (their website)




David: Young Trey

18 year-old Vermont native and TKFV homie, Young Trey. This guy has been a good friend of mine for quite some time now. Showing the love for my dude like he's shown me. Be sure to check out his Myspace music page here, his Twitter page here, and his Facebook page here!

David: Preview of the Burton US Open

Above are some pictures from the Burton US Open in Stratton, Vermont. Gray, myself, and friends Scotty and Josh (DJ D-Cutz) all went down for the weekend representing the media crew for OKAY!! OKAY!! Everything was dope and everything turned out great. Be sure to check out OKAY!! OKAY!!'s website here and the Frends Crew here!

The video will be coming to you soon!


David: POP Brooch

Yezzirr just got my Price of Popularity x Good Wood POP Brooch in the mail today. Check out their online store here


David: TKFV vs. Rave-a-Palooza

Rave-a-Palooza 2010 from Two Kids From Vermont on Vimeo.

Here's our first video of myself (DJ D-KiD) and partner DJ D-Cutz doing our thing at Rave-a-Palooza in South Burlington, Vermont. The outcome was a sold out show with 800 people!