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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gray: Sunday Night Review

So I just finished a large bowl of cookie dough and watched the latest episode of How to Make it in America. I'm not going to spoil it for all you lazy people who DVR the shit out of everything (its ok, i love my DVR too), but I'll share what I feel about the show and the episode. I started watching this show for 2 reasons.. 1: HBO decided to take entourage off of on-demand, so now I can't rewatch the series for the 4th time waiting for season 7 to come out in the spring. 2: Kid Cudi is in it (not enough though!) So the season started off a little slow in my opinion, but now it's really getting good because we know a little about the characters. Last episode left me with a pumped up feeling, which was really reflecting my mood in my own life, so I was feeling better than ever at this moment a week ago. This episode though had a different feel. The show is shot so "real," and you can relate to something about you and your life in almost every character. This episode brought back the reality in these character's lives; no high lasts forever.

Watch this show, even if it's just your tide over till spring when entourage is back on (so psyched! Btw fuck all u season 6 haters)

Enjoy your week everyone!


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