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Monday, May 31, 2010

David: Wats The Condition x Two Kids From Vermont Interview

Awhile back our homie's Hamzat and Spencer over at Wats The Condition? did an interview with me to throw up on their blog. Today it's up and after looking over it a few times I love how it turned out. Here's a preview of the interview below:

To view the whole interview check it out on Wats The Condition?'s blog


David: Sarah Kjelleren Photo of the Week!

Sarah Kjelleren

Here's another one from Sarah Kjelleren. What I love about this picture below is the tone she sets in it. Sarah said she loved this one because Astrid Carter (the girl in the picture) "looks magical," and I can agree with that one. Check out the photo below:

To view more of her work check out her blog or her Flickr!
Also to get in touch with Sarah Kjelleren her email is: sarahkjelleren@gmail.com

Previous Post - Week 6

To view more pictures from this photo shoot click read more.


David: Kanye West x Power

Kanye West

This is Kanye's first single off Good Ass Job, which is set to release in September of this year. This time around Kanye drops strictly rapping. A good comeback single in my opinion from earlier things that went on this year lol. Download and check out the new song below

Kanye West - Power by twink89

Download here - Mediafire

Check out Complex's review they put together about the song from a few big internet folk here


Thursday, May 27, 2010

David: Congrats to Sarah Kjelleren!

Yesterday we had a huge storm sweep through the Vermont area. I lost power for about 30 minutes and completely lost a paper I was writing, but it's whatever. Dope things were happening like this photo that Sarah Kjelleren took last night that appeared on the front page of the Burlington Free Press! Keep moving up and you know you're always TKFV family over here! Girls got the eye.

Check out the original post on the website (photos in the right hand column).

To view more of her work check out her blog or her Flickr!
Also to get in touch with Sarah Kjelleren her email is: sarahkjelleren@yahoo.com


Gray: Kicks of the Week

This weeks "Kicks of the Week" are in so many ways a hugely impressive design from Generic Surplus for vendor selects. This plimsole features a minimalist design that is enhanced by its friendly price making it for a great addition for summer. The canvas upper with no detailing and combination of the white midsole and gum outsole completes the piece in my opinion.

For a closer look they are available over at Honeyee.Store

Hit the jump to see more photos of the shoe


Gray: VIBE June 2010 Cover x Erykah Badu x Nicki Minaj

Truthfully the shot of Erykah Badu is > Nicki Minaj. One of the best covers I've ever seen! Erykah Badu FTW... Nicki's is cool too though haha. Still love her


David: Tour De Maestro x NYC (Video)

I get so excited when any video of Maestro's comes out haha. Below is his first video to the "Tour De Maestro" series as he sets off on his world tour in the spirit of this years 2010 World Cup. Featured is this video is intern Devlin as they travel from the Ace Hotel over to Complex Magazine, to the preview of the "Three Days In Paris" photo show at Milk studios by Philip Andelman, and finishing with the adiCup NYC at Pier 40. Check it all out below!

Tour De Maestro - NYC from levi maestro on Vimeo.

Maestro's website - Maestroknows


David: Live From the 650 x Prescription Beats

The homie Siavash (Prescription Beats) sent this over awhile back. Below is his new song with artist, R.E.N. Honestly, I'm not too crazy about the auto-tune going on in this track, but the beat goes hard. This dudes gone a long way from when we first started talking so congrats on all the progress my man. Keep it up. Take a listen and download below:

Download here - Mediafire

Contact: prescriptionbeats@gmail.com


David: 50 Cent's Shocking Slim Down... DAMN

I know what you're probably thinking... Something along the lines of WTF. So I'll tell you right away before you start thinking anymore. These images appeared on Thisis50 and shows a slimmed down 50 for his role in the upcoming film, Things Fall Apart. In the movie, 50 plays a football player who has been diagnosed with cancer. He started off at a healthy size of 204 pounds and dropped down to 160 pounds with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill for nine weeks. The things celebrities do these days... Tough job. Check out some more images of the smaller 50 Cent below:


David: Light Up x Drake x Jay-Z


I had to throw this one up before it started getting too late. "Light Up" by Drake featuring Jay-Z just came out yesterday and has been making a huge buzz across the internet. Listen and click the link below to download... Thank Me Later in stores June 15th.

Drake feat. Jay Z - Light Up by denzel20

Download here - Ushare


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

David: Gerald Walker x Silent

Gerald Walker

Me and this dude have been talking for quite some time now and if you don't know of him already from huge hip-hop blogs like 2dopeboyz it's time to get familiar. Today, Gerald Walker released his new single entitled, "Silent," which is set to be featured on his upcoming mixtape I Remember When This All Meant Something (available July 16th, 2010). Check out the artwork and download link below!

Download here - keepitsilent

Check out his blog here - doseofdopeness


Gray: Rock The Bells 2010

Rock the Bells circa 2010 has just been announced by Geurilla Union, and this year's line up looks awesome. Wu-Tang is always on point, and if you haven't seen Rakim live yet, the dude is a legend. KRS-One also puts on one of the most intimate shows in music. Other artists that have been confirmed include Slick Rick, Street Sweeper Social Club, Murs and 9th Wonder, Wiz Khalifa, Clipse, Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks, Brother Ali, DJ Muggs and Ill Bill, Big Sean, Yelawolf and it's hosted by Supernatural and DJ Rocky Rock. If you don't know much about the Rock The Bells tour read the summary below for more information:
"Rock The Bells, presented by Guerilla Union since 2003, has established itself as a world-class hip-hop platform by hosting legendary performances by Rage Against the Machine, NAS, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Lauryn Hill, Blackstar (Talib Kweli and Mos Def), Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Cypress Hill and Jurassic 5 as well as reuniting Wu-Tang for their last performance with ODB in 2004. Rock the Bells has also set the stage for monumental surprise performances by Jay-Z, Slick Rick, BEP and Black Sheep. In 2008, Rock the Bells toured internationally for the first time in Prague, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, Paris and London."
Check the full line-up and more information on their website HERE

Check out the relatively unknown Street Sweeper Social Club (they are Rage Against the Machines' guitarist Tom Morrello's side project) video of them live in Kansas City after the jump.


Gray: Teaser Time

Here are two teasers for you all. First being Travis Card's new flick, Good Things Come To Those Who Skate. Cali to VT, these guys are killin it as always. It stars Marshall Heath, Dave Abair, Sean Stem, Sean Meeker, Kyle Burroughs, Cody Hale, Chris Colbourn, Ryan Edwards & Collin Hale. There is a premiere at Talent Skatepark on June 21st.. be there! The second teaser is Iheartsnow Pro (Ian Post)'s 2010 film, The Peace Process. These guys have put in the hours this winter, and I can assure you that this film will be insane! The rider list is too long to post, but two parts I am specifically excited for are Luke Haddock and Yale Cousino's. The video will be droppin' over the summer, but check out Iheartsnow Pro in the meantime for some pics/edits!


David: M.I.A. To Be On The Cover Of Complex's June/July 2010 Issue

The upcoming June/July 2010 issue of Complex will feature none other than M.I.A. on the cover. A year after giving birth to her first son, M.I.A. is finally back with her first Complex cover and a new third album, /\/\/\Y/\ (a.k.a. MAYA), slated for release next month. So everyone get excited cause she's finally back. This issue officially hits stands June 8th. Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes-look

Check the original post over at Complex Magazine and click read more to see more photos from the issue


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gray: Throwback Whenever

Alright so this was a song I originally was going to use as a formal throwback vid, but David is beatin me to the punch each week (as usual), so I'm not waiting another week to throw this gold up. I love hearing old songs that you used to be obsessed with but no longer hear... this is one of them. Recently, on a turn with friends Amanda, Maura, and Vanni, Slow Jamz by Twista, Kanye, and Jamie Foxx came on. This has been playin a lot recently on my iTunes, and the video is pretty tight too. Check it out below:


David: Boondocks Season 3 x Episode 4

I'm going to start throwing these up every week now when there's a new episode. Here's episode 4 of the Boondocks. Yerr

Shouts to worldstarhiphop


David: Throwback Tuesdays!

Another Tuesday another Throwback video! This week is Gang Starr's song Mass Appeal off of their album Hard to Earn. For real I've played this song over 100 times in my iTunes playlist and it goes down as one of my favorite hip-hop tracks of all time. Unfortunately Guru, 1/2 of Gang Starr, just passed away last month at the age of 48 and was a huge hit to all of the music world. R.I.P. to one of the greatest. Check out the video below.


Monday, May 24, 2010


Back at it is Back at the Berrics. For those who aren't with it, Battle at the Berrics is a contest The Berrics (Steve Berra and Eric Koston) put on (for now the 3rd time) where there is a 32 skater bracket, and a lot of games of S.K.A.T.E. Kids go onto The Berrics and make their bracket and submit them like they'd do for March Madness. Each game of skate is filmed and uploaded to their youtube, and kids watch to see who moves on to the next round. These videos are viewed a lot!! Some up t 200,000+ times. Check their videos at their private skatepark in LA. Only people who know Steve Berra and Eric Koston can really go there and skate, although their cell phone #s have leaked a bit.. we met some kids with it. Anyway, go make a bracket here and watch some of these berrics videos below.


David: Nas for Levi’s Pioneer Sessions Campaign

The great Nasir Jones was recently chosen to represent and start off Levi’s Pioneer Sessions Campaign with a cover of Slick Rick’s “Hey Young World.” This campaign calls for each individual to record a classic hit in their own signature style, while reflecting the timelessness of music and that of the Levi’s brand. To follow are 11 other musicians in the world of Pop, Rock, Rap, and Soul. Check out the video below:

To download "Hey Young World" and read the original post click here - Levi's

David: PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy x Vincent Michael Gallery

Me and the man responsible for this work (who goes by the name PaperMonster) started talking just last week and he told me about his show, "PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy," which is coming up on Friday, July 2nd, at Vincent Michael Gallery located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The minute I took a look at his artwork I fell in love... for real I might need one of these for myself. To get more info on the event read the summary below:
“PaperMonster Ate That Little That Little Boy” is the latest titled of PaperMonster’s solo exhibition opening July 2nd in Philadelphia, PA at the Vincent Michael Gallery. PaperMonster will show over twenty new works of stencil art collages on canvas full of powerful portraits of women exploring themes of strength, fear, passion, and mystery. Several portraits are woven together with combinations of women and animals; each speaking to the strength, ferocity, and power that women carry within. His collage work within each painting allows the audience to develop their own perception and theories as to who these people are and what they hide. PaperMonster will also be having an artist talk on July 24th from 2-4pm covering his thoughts on stencil art and the art world at large. You can find more on PaperMonster and his solo show over at his website."
PaperMonster Solo Show
“PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy”
Vincent Michael Gallery
1050 N. Hancock Street Suite 63
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Opening Reception: Friday, July 2nd 6-9 PM
Artist Talk: Saturday July 24th 2-4Pm
Show available from: July 2nd- July 31st

To see a preview from the event check out the video below!

PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy from PaperMonster on Vimeo.

Hit the jump to see more photos of PaperMonster's artwork!


David: Rob Swift Concert (Recap)

Yeah yeah yeah I know it's been awhile since we've updated the blog, but we're back! Both been busy with a few things, but let me stop and get to the recap on the Rob Swift concert. For those that have been on the blog recently or have talked to me personally you probably know that DJ D-Cutz and myself (DJ D-Kid) opened up for Rob Swift last Thursday, May 20th, at Club Metronome in Burlington, Vermont. We got a really good response from the crowd and rocked our set, but when Rob Swift went up I'd just like to point out he's way too good lol. He made everything look way too easy. His cuts and his beat juggling is so clean. And at the same time he's one of the coolest and laid back guys I've met. Check out the video below to see footage of Rob Swift (this isn't from the concert on Thursday):

PS: The dude is juggling with his back... come on now


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

David: Rob Swift Concert x DJ D Kid & DJ D Cutz

Tomorrow night D Cutz and I (D Kid) are opening up for Rob Swift down at Club Metronome in Vermont. For those that aren't familiar with Rob Swift he is a part of the world famous DJ crew called, the X-Ecutioners. D Cutz and myself can't wait to do this show tomorrow and we'll be sure to give everyone the rundown of the night tomorrow. But in the meantime, if you're in the area and 18 years of age or older come down to Club Metronome to check us out and Rob Swift doing our thing!

Shouts to Fattie B. who made the poster!

Check out a video of D Cutz and myself doing a sold out 850 person rave at Higher Ground in Vermont:

TKFV vs. Rave-a-Palooza 2010 from Two Kids From Vermont on Vimeo.


David: KousKousKlan x Moe's Skyline Showroom

Below is the trailer to the grand opening for Moe's Skyline Showroom this Saturday, May 22nd, in New York City! The brand KousKousKlan will be selling their T-shirts for everyone who is in the building. I was originally planning to be going to this with Gray, but unfortunately things could not work out. Wish I could be there though and I hope it's a great night and event for everyone who's there! Be on the lookout for this brand in the future though. Great people working and backing this company. I guarantee big things for these guys. Enjoy the trailer below:

Trailer from Julien Jauniaux on Vimeo.

PS: Shout out to my homie Frendy Lemorin who's been working with this company!

David: Banksy Spotted in New York City

In the Financial District

This information has been out on the internet for awhile now and I meant to post it yesterday, but I got flooded with work for my AP exam I was studying for this morning. But as you know I've been trying to keep people as updated as I can with this North American tour Banksy has everyone out of their seats waiting to see what he does next. Recently he hit up New York City with a few more pieces on the walls of the Big Apple. Check the rest out below:


In Chinatown

In SoHo

Shouts to Gothamist!
PS: Unfortunately Team Robbo has already dissed two of the pieces above. Check it out here.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gray: Throwback Tuesdays!

Below is A Tribe Called Quest's video for their song, Scenario. This track was the third single off of Tribe's second album, The Low End Theory, back in 1991. I think this video is funny because it features, then, Leaders of the New School member, Busta Rhymes looking about 10 times scrawnier than he is today lol. This is a classic for sure. Enjoy...

Gray: MURS at Higher Ground (5/15)

MURS was in Burlington this weekend, and I attended the show on Sunday. The place was empty, but what can you expect on a Sunday night. The openers Nocando and BurntMD were struggling with the lack of energy from the crowd (Nocando more than BurntMD), and were therefore pretty shitty to be honest. MURS killed it like always, and looked to be havin fun on stage. He stuck around in Burlington for a few days, and I heard of some kids kickin it with him on church street the day after the show. He is truly a down to earth guy who makes music for the love of it, and not for the money.Above is a picture of my homies VJ Wesley and Jordan Sparks gettin a pic with the man himself.

Monday, May 17, 2010

David: Sarah Kjelleren Photo of the Week!

Sarah Kjelleren

Here's Week 5 of the "Sarah Kjelleren Photo of the Week" series. This week we're switching it up a bit and showing you one of Sarah's scenic pictures. Always nice to see nature at it's finest in Vermont, and of course Sarah captures it perfectly showing off life and color as this bee draws closer to the group of flowers. Check out Sarah's summary and picture below:
"I went outside to capture a few images of the emerging summer and snapped a few of this honey bee. I took about twenty or so to try to get it in the right spot. I was following it around as it went to the different blossoms. I sent it into the local newspaper and it made the cover! Pretty exciting, I've had over ten images on the cover of the Islander and I will be having my photography shown at the Merchants bank in South Hero for the month of June, if anyone wants to check it out!"

To view more of her work check out her blog or her Flickr!
Also to get in touch with Sarah Kjelleren her email is: sarahkjelleren@yahoo.com

Previous post - Week 5

Hit the jump to see this photo on the cover of the Islander and another picture taken in the same area.