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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gray: LA is For Sure

I don't like doin posts on myself, but this is something that I am really excited for. Recently I just committed to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles! It's been a pretty crazy college search for me involving a few different trips out west to check out schools, narrowing it down to UBC (University of British Columbia) or LMU. I have probably asked my friends hundreds of times to give me their advice, made a shit load of Pros vs Cons lists, but I had to make up my mind. I chose LMU over UBC because of the size difference (LMU has a little over 5,000 students while UBC has like 30,000), and because after the few times I visited LA I absolutely loved it and can def. see myself living around there for the next 4 years. Its crazy to think how fast time has gone though, it feels like a week ago I was sitting in my first classes of senior year, and now April break is comin to a close. Best year of my life no doubt, cant wait for whats ahead!

David Update: Congrats to my homie Gray! I'm trying to head out to LA myself next year so we'll see what happens. But either way TKFV will still be running no doubt. Doper content and everything to come next year for sure! Hope it's a good 4 years out on the west coast my dude!


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