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Sunday, January 2, 2011

David: OFWGKTA x Some O.F. Sh*t

Here's a little tape put together of OFWGKTA songs, interviews, remixes, and freestyles you may or may not have heard. Check out the tracklist and download below:


1. Cult Shit - Tyler, The Creator
2. Inside Of Clouds (Remix) - Tyler, The Creator
3. Mirage (Left Brain Remix) - Left Brain
4. Live - Mike G & Hodgy Beats
5. Session (Re-Up) feat. Hodgy Beats & Mike G - Tyler, The Creator
6. Love In Da Mall - T.T.D.D.
7. Dem Hoes - Tyler, The Creator
8. Fuck Love - Tyler, The Creator
9. Happy Holiday Hoe (2008 YouTube Rip) - Tyler, The Creator
10. Fuck This Christman - Earl Sweatshirt
11. Secret Garden (Freestyle YouTube Rip) - Tyler, The Creator
12. Deerskin - Earl Sweatshirt
13. Tron Cat (C&S)(Snippet) - Tyler, The Creator
14. Who Dat - Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis
15. Sandwitches - Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats
16. TYB (TAKE YO BITCH) - J. Money & C-Dolla
17. Snakes (Remix) - Tyler, The Creator
18. Let's Dance (2009) - Tyler, The Creator
19. Odd Future on Shade 45 - OFWGKTA
20. One, Two Step (Acapella) - Tyler, The Creator

Download here - Mediafire


Anonymous said...

go here... you finally got credit for this... http://www.oddfuturetalk.com/forums/topic/233-tyler-the-creator-discography/page__view__findpost__p__42290

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