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Thursday, April 28, 2011

David: TheManWithThreeNameS x VegetableS (Music Download)

TheManWithThreeNameS is Three artists in one: Toony TuneS, PROduce and The Bully. Three varying styles of music from these three artists have made the sound of their music very different then what others have done (in an amazing way). Toony TuneS and myself met out in Los Angeles briefly and have been in contact ever since and anything he puts out seems to be amazing. On this song Toony TuneS lays down the vocals and The Bully raps while PROduce produced this track. Definitely a fan of these guys. Listen and download the song below:

Download here - Mediafire

Twitter: @TwoKneeTunes
Blog: http://TheBlogWithThreeNameS.tumblr.com
Website: toony.bandcamp.com


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

David: John Lass x Thc: The Hippie Chronicles (Mixtape Download)

I posted this guy back in February with his first mixtape, Out Of The Box, and now he's back with his second, Thc: The Hippie Chronicles. The first thing I'd like to say before I say any more is... THIS GUY IS DOPE! And honestly I can't name favorites on this mixtape because I am digging them all. Seriously download this below. Big ups to John Lass!

Download here - Datpiff | Limelinx


David: Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett (My New Favorite Model)
Since I have known about my acceptance into NYU I haven't been on top of keeping up with TKFV as much as I used to, so I want to apologize for that. Things have been very very very hectic lately in terms of getting things off and running the minute I hit the city next year so it has brought me away from here for a bit. So in the meantime I am going to try as hard as I can to continue to post on this blog because I know you frequent readers are probably wondering where everything went!

To start here's a few pictures of my new favorite model, Alysha Nett. She has one of the dopest looks I have ever seen... Plus I love girls with tattoos. Check them out below:


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

David: Sarah Kjelleren's Latest Photo Shoot With Amy Douglas

Sarah Kjelleren
It's been awhile since I've featured Sarah Kjelleren on the site, which many of you may remember through the "Sarah Kjellereon Photo of the Week" posts. I've decided to do without that post now because Sarah is constantly coming out with something new that a photo a week just doesn't cut it. Before I get started on this post I'd like to give her a huge congratulations for getting into the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, which means both of us will be sharing the city together! It's going to be a crazy four years that's for sure.

Anyway Sarah's recent photo shoot was with the very beautiful, Amy Douglas. Below is a quick summary that Sarah wrote for the post:

"I met Amy a free months ago after asking her through Facebook if she was interested in modeling. We did a small shoot at a local party and became good friends. On a recent trip to Burlington Vermont, we were staying at my house and had some great ideas for a shoot when exploring my yard. Styling the shoot I decided on a vintage nude colored slip with lace that was previously owned by my grandmother. Amy wore the shoes that she brought with her and we used two vintage mink fur jackets. The temperature dropped fast as it became dark out, but we continued shooting to get the final shots. I was extremely excited about shooting Amy and she did a fantastic time especially for her second shoot. Without previous experience with modeling Amy continued to amaze me with her natural talent for working in front if the camera."
Amy Douglas (click the photo to enlarge)
Here's what Amy had to say about the shoot:

"This shoot was a chilling one, literally. Even the cold Vermont air couldn't hold Sarah Kjelleren back from taking fabulous pictures. She made me feel warm, comfortable and beautiful in her vintage styled dress and variety of lovely fur coats. I love being photographed by Sarah because she is not only an extremely talented young lady but she's the coolest, craziest, most down to earth friend anyone could ask for. Her unique style and eye for eccentric and eloquent beauty are portrayed in all of her photos and this shoot is no exception."

Amy Douglas (click the photo to enlarge)

To get in touch with Sarah Kjelleren you can reach her at sarahkjelleren@gmail.com


Monday, April 11, 2011

David: Two New Music Videos From Vader the Villin!

Vader the Villin in Hawaii
The homie, Vader the Villin, literally just got back from a long trip to Hawaii for a few months and has not wasted a second since he's been back. Below are two videos shot by Duane Peterson here in our hometown Burlington, Vermont. Check them out below:

So far Black Bags by Vader the Villin is my favorite video of his so far. This video was directed by Vader and produced by Sighdafekt.

Hating Hard is also another dope video by Vader that he released yesterday. Different vibe and feeling than Black Bags but amazing once again. The song is produced by KONAMICODE. Check out the video below as Vader sits down and discusses life with Pluto:


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

David: Gerald Walker to Tour with Yelawolf

Cardo & the homie Gerald Walker have officially signed as an opening act for Yelawolf on his tour this month. I've known Gerald for the past couple of years now and have seen nothing but progression since the time I met him. I have nothing but props to give for him and what he's done. Excited to see what's to come from this tour with Yelawolf!
In celebration of this incredible opportunity he's releasing another song from his EP titled, We Don't Give a Fu-k. The song is produced by both Cardo & Sledgren, of the Taylor Gang, and will be featured on the forthcoming EP, On Your Side. Check it out below:

Download here - files.me