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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

David: Domo Genesis x Rolling Papers (Album)

Domo Genesis, one of the members from OFWGKTA, just released his album, Rolling Papers, last night as a free download. Production is done by Tyler, The Creator And Left Brain. This is some real laid back kick back and relax music. Overall a good project. Download it below:

Download here - LimeLinx


David: Rock the Bells NYC (Recap)

Like I promised here is the recap to Rock the Bells NYC. This was my forth year in a row and once again it was another great experience. I didn't get to see everyone, but from everyone that I did see I was very impressed with every performance.

Slick Rick
Slick Rick was actually my very first concert that I ever attended in my life and it took place at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont. He wasn't the craziest performance of the whole concert and his stage presence isn't the greatest, but for a hip hop head like myself none of that mattered. Slick Rick's style and history in rap itself was enough for me to enjoy his set of his debut album, The Adventures of Slick Rick, which was released back in 1988. Who else can rap like they're having a conversation with you and sound so dope at the same time? Plus he was accompanied by DJ Premier, one of hip hops greatest DJs.

Big Sean
This was the first time I had seen Big Sean. He performed on the smaller stage and wasn't a main act for the concert, but he was definitely one of the people I wanted to see the most. He performed most of his leaked singles off of his newly released, Finally Famous Volume 3 mixtape, and made use of the whole stage and interacted with the crowd. Overall it was a good performance.

I saw Rakim for the first time at Rock the Bells New York City back in 2007 so I knew a little what to expect. He was performing Paid in Full, another debut album released by Eric B. & Rakim. His performance was okay stage presence wise, but it was good to just chill out, relax, and listen to one of hip hop's most famous albums of all time.
Shortly after KRS-One hopped on stage and performed, Criminal Minded. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from his performance, but without a doubt he's one of my favorites. He was one of the hosts last year and I also saw him perform at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont, a few years ago. Everything KRS says makes you think and respect hip hop so much more. One of the reasons why he's called, "The Teacha."Another good performance.

Brother Ali
This was actually my first time seeing Brother Ali even though he seems to be at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont, every year. I've never been a huge fan of his music, but I did enjoy his performance on the second stage. His stage presence and interaction with the crowd was good and he also gave some nice shout outs to everyone performing on the main stage which I liked.

Murs & 9th Wonder
I saw Murs last year at Rock the Bells NYC, but this was my first time seeing 9th Wonder DJ and also rap for one song on "Asian Girl." Most of the songs performed were off of, Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition and Fornever. I've always been a big Murs fan so every song he performed I knew and could sing along to. Also both Murs and 9th's presence on stage was great and there overall performance was a good one.

Ms. Lauryn Hill
I've heard a lot of bad things said about Lauryn Hill's performance, but honestly she was one of my favorites. Minus the sound crew screwing up a bit I loved her and her band. She was singlehandedly the reason why I bought tickets for this years concert. Also I was hoping Wyclef Jean and Pras would make an appearance on stage to reunite the Fugees, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Probably would have been tough especially for Wyclef to show up with his election for Presidency in Haiti (though he was recently rejected a few days ago by Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council because he did not meet the residency requirement of having lived in Haiti for five years before the Nov. 28 election).
In other news though Lauryn Hill was amazing to me and is also a major influential person in my life so without a doubt I enjoyed her performance. She also brought out short cameos on stage to say hello to the crowd from Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, Chris Rock, Jerry Wonder, & John Legend, who all attended as fans to support Ms. Lauryn Hill herself.

Wiz Khalifa
This was my first time seeing Wiz Khalifa. He was the main act on the second stage and also the biggest crowd drawer for that stage. If you're a Vermonter like myself you know how much Wiz is played in young peoples households, iPods, and cars (myself being one of them). So pretty much every song he performed I knew and was singing along to. Most definitely my favorite performance on the second stage and most definitely the most weed influenced performance as well. Unfortunately it was cut short for me right as he performed my favorite song, "Ink My Whole Body," because A Tribe Called Quest was starting on the main stage.

A Tribe Called Quest joined on stage with Busta Rhymes & Swizz Beatz
This was my second time seeing A Tribe Called Quest, the first time being at the 2008 Rock the Bells (probably my all time favorite year). Tribe probably was my favorite performance for the whole night performing mostly songs from, Midnight Marauders. They jumped around a bit as well and brought out people like Swizz Beatz and Busta Rhymes (see photo above). In my mind their stage presence and interaction with the crowd was the best for the whole concert.

Wu-Tang Clan (all original members with Boy Jones, ODB's first born son)
I've lost count how many times I've seen Wu-Tang Clan, but it's always rare when you get all their original members and ODB's first born son Boy Jones. Their stage presence isn't that great except for Method Man and Redman, but otherwise Wu-Tang always has a huge response from the Rock the Bells crowd. Another great performance from the night.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg was the final act to the night and was also the first time I had ever seen him perform live. His stage presence isn't that amazing, but it was a good performance with the addition of funny cut scenes on the big screen behind him and also a few of the things he had to say on the mic. Doggystyle is also one of my favorite albums of all time so I was rapping along and jamming to a lot of his songs. Snoop was also accompanied with Daz Dillinger and Kurupt from, Tha Dogg Pound, and The Lady of Rage so it added to an even better show.

Vader the Villin & Will Kiendl
And that is my recap to Rock the Bells NYC. Special thanks to Will Kiendl & Vader the Villin for coming along on the trip as well!


David: Big Sean x Finally Famous Volume 3 (Mixtape)

After tons of leaks and a few delays on when the mixtape was supposed to be released, Big Sean's Finally Famous Volume 3 is finally available. Download it below.


01 Final Hour (prod. Don Cannon and Nick Kage)
02 Meant To Be (prod. DJ Spinz)
03 What U Doin? (Bull$#!@ing) (prod. The Olympicks) | Video
04 Money & Sex f. Bun B (prod. No I.D.)
05 Five Bucks (5 On It) f. Chip Tha Rippers & Curren$y
06 High Rise (prod. Don Cannon) | Video
07 Crazy (prod. The Olympicks)
08 Home Town (prod. Eliseo of Treal)
09 Supa Dupa Lemonade | Video
10 My Clost Sayitainttone (prod. Key Wane)
11 Too Fake feat. Chiddy (prod. Xaphoon Jones)
12 Fuck My Opponent f. Tyga (prod. Trillionz)
13 Made f. Drake (prod. WrighTrax)
14 Ambigious f. Mike Posner (prod. Clinton Sparks)
15 Love Song f. Saui (prod. Key Wane)
16 Memories (prod. Key Wane)
17 Bonus Track

Download here - Usershare

Hit the jump to see more

What U Doin? (Bull$#!@ing) (Video)

High Rise (Video)

Supa Dupa Lemonade (Video)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

David: Rock the Bells NYC

This marks my fourth year in a row going to the Rock the Bells concerts and every year so far has left me more and more impressed. I've seen acts from Rage Against the Machine, Pharcyde, and Nas & Damian Marley. This year what sold me on going again was Lauryn Hill, someone who I've admired a lot over the years from my journey within music. So we'll see how this year goes.

Concert starts in just a few more hours so I'll leave it at this, but I'll be back with a recap soon. Rock the Bells NYC! For those that have been before you know it's worth it. Peace to TKFV for the day!


Thursday, August 26, 2010


This past week has been a big one. I had my last day at Fletcher Allen Hospital (my job of 2 years), I had to pack up all of my belongings, say goodbye to my friends, family, and girlfriend, but still managed to have some late nights in Burlington with my homies. Today, my mom and I drove to Manchester, New Hampshire and boarded the plane to Pheonix, then took the final flight to LAX. On Thursday my mom will be returning back to Vermont, but I will not.
I am moving out to Los Angeles to go to Loyola Marymount University, and am so stoked! It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling at times. It is hard leaving those who you love, and putting yourself in a completely new place where you can count the number of people you know on one hand. I am really excited though too. I am excited to start school, meet tons of new kids, and learn how to surf! I am ready for a fresh start and am looking forward to leave the immaturity and judgmental sides of high school behind. Life is about to get realllllly good.

David Update: Big things to come this year for sure. Good luck to my homie Gray out in Los Angeles. TKFV has just begun.


David: Pony by Ginuwine (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)

Lazerdisk Party Sex is an electronic DJ duo right out of Vermont featuring DJ Prez & my old DJ instructor, DJ ZJ. Recently they just came back from a mini tour in Martha's Vineyard and their music has been spreading all over the place on sites like Hypem. One of their recent remixes was released a little while ago, but I want to give these guys a proper introduction with one of their most popular songs, Pony, a remix of Ginuwine's original song. Check it out below:

soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/lazerdisk-party-sex
facebook: listn.to/lazerdiskpartysex
twitter: twitter.com/LAZERDISK


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

David: Chris Habana Jewelry

Chris Habana Chains On My Neck (Will to the Right)
Just got these chains in the mail today. Wanted to give the company a little shout out because everyone I've seen today so far loves them and so do I. Over here at TKFV both Gray and myself are big fans of Good Wood necklaces, but I think I found a new favorite of mine. The pieces run a little pricey compared to Good Wood chains, but they're all a good buy. To buy necklaces, earings, hats, and other accessories visit Chris Habana's website here.

Dark/Light Cross Necklace

Dark/Light Triangle Necklace


David: The VT Union Is Dead (Album)

Album Cover
Straight out of Vermont, VT Union's last album, The VT Union Is Dead,  was just released last week. For a young kid trying to make music up in the Green Mountain State, these guys are truly an inspiration. The group features Dakota (MC), DJ Adog & Nastee (MC/DJ/Producer/Engineer), three of Vermont's finest in music and three people who will always be looked up to in our state. This album features guest appearances from Malice (of The Clipse), Sean Price, Statik Selektah, Bobby Konders (Hot 97, NYC), Akrobatik, BURNTmd & more. Check out the single, tracklisting, and download the album below!

"This Is Me" by VT Union (First single released from the project)

1) Itz VT (feat. Dakota)
2) Luv That (feat. Nastee, Manus & Dakota)
3) Make Rume (feat. Dakota, Malice, Nastee & Bobby Konders)
4) All Goes Down (feat. Nastee)
5) This Is Me (feat. Dakota & Sean Price)
6) My Nutsac (feat. Colby Stiltz & Dakota)
7) Nobody (feat. Dakota)
8) All About (feat. Manus, B-Free & S.I.N.)
9) Pop Off (feat. Dakota, Manus & Nastee)
10) Memories (feat. Dakota)
11) All My Dogz (feat. Nastee)
12) Stand The Rain (feat. Akrobatik & BURNTmd)
13) Make Rume (Statik Selektah Remix)

Download here - Mediafire

David: Summer Heat 2 (Recap)

DJ D-Kid (Myself)
Last Thursday night, 8/19, at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont, myself, DJ D-Cutz, Vakkuum, & DJ Cody Rice sold out another successful show. This show was so much different than the others though. For the first time the response from the crowd was so on point. For a show originally meant for people dancing and having fun lead to girls grabbing onto our legs and screaming our names. The first couple rows were just watching us. I can tell you after that DJ D-Cutz and myself will stop at nothing this year to keep advancing.

Special thanks to Mark Mallory & Eric Dubuque for putting on another great show, DJ Cody Rice & Vakkuum for supplying more dope music, our favorite photographer Sarah Kjelleren for taking photos, and of course my homie Gray for taking some video footage of the show.

Check out some more photos from the show below:

DJ D-Kid & DJ D-Cutz


The Crowd

The Crew


Gray & The Crowd

DJ D-Cutz & Gray

DJ D-Kid

Allen, DJ D-Kid, & Vader the Villin

DJ D-Cutz

Gray & DJ D-Kid

Gray & DJ D-Kid

Allen & The Crowd

The Setup

All photos credited to Sarah Kjelleren.

PS: Video is on the way!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

David: Free Lindsay!

Word is she'll be out tomorrow from UCLA Medical. The decision is to be made at 8:30 AM PT after Judge Elden Fox decided not to issue an order today.

In related news #FreeWeezy!


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Monday, August 23, 2010

David: PaperMonster x Friends With Knives (Recap)

Our good friend, PaperMonster, recently just had his show, "Friend's With Knives," at the Crewest Gallery in Los Angeles, California. It featured a lineup of stencil artists including Blek le Rat, Broken Crow, Chris Stain, Dave Lowell, E.L.K, Greg Boudreau, HAHA, Joe Iurato, Koleszar, Henry Quiara, Leckomio, Mefee, Nathan Phaneuf, Peat Wollaeger, Scotch, and Shai Dahan. Check it out below:

PaperMonster, Nathan Phaneuf, and Peat W.

Henry Quira, E.L.K., & Blek le Rat in the middle

Fantastic 3-D sculpture piece by Peat using stencils

Great new direction and quality work from Chris Stain

Hit the jump to see more pictures from the event!

Chris Stain


Scotch also featured in LA Times article alongside many of the participating artists

Joe Iurato

Nathan Phaneuf

Broken Crow

Nathan Phaneuf crisp clean stencil layering on mirror.

Joe Iurato

Dave Lowell with insane photorealism skills


Leckomio, Henry Quiara, and Shai Dahan

Dave Lowell

Insane skill by none other than Koleszar. Huge detail and layering of stencils with precision in this piece.

Nathan Phaneuf

Dave Lowell and John Koleszar

Koleszar and Man One (Crewest)

Pictures via PaperMonster
Pictures taken by Henry Quiara