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Thursday, October 28, 2010

David: Create Build Destroy 2011 Spring/Summer Lookbook

Click images to enlarge
"Cradled and nestled within a womb reeking of urban decay, Children of a Lesser God is a figurative and explorative search seeking to uproot and manifest a sensibility of polarized extremes in consciousness and dogma. Adhering to a regimen founded upon rather scattered principles, the story begins with a budding dream sequence, following the wearer into an encapsulated and fragmented vision, each piece revolving around around a greater search–that which isolates the god complex within each and everyone of us.”
If you were paying attention a few months ago I posted the 2011 Spring/Summer Lookbook for Create Build Destroy Clothing called, Children of a Lesser God. I had to take it down because of the timing, but now I'm throwing it back up for good so everyone can check it out again. CBD is family to TKFV and we're very close to the people behind the project. So you know there's nothing but love coming from us every single time something new comes out. Most of our TKFV photo shoots even feature nothing but CBD clothing (Up top photo: Gray is wearing the Pencey Prep sweatshirt and I'm wearing the Isis Rising tee, though you can't see it under my jean jacket). So as you can probably guess, we're very excited for the 2011 Spring/Summer season to drop! Here's a look at what is to come:

JP & Alex

Maurice Chalfin, Alaia Ortega, Jesse Zorski

US Sales & Press: Jordan@createbuilddestroy.com
International Sales & Press: Chiara@247showroom.it


Shouts out to Jordan Boyea, Alex Hollender, and Jesse Zorski at CBD!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

David: Dave Raps x $20 Gucci Bag

Yesterday we gave you, "High Life,"off of Dave's upcoming mixtape, Too Unknown. Today we're giving you, "$20 Gucci Bag," produced by Papparazzi. Expect a whole week of Dave Raps before the mixtape drops this Halloween. There's a lot in store for you guys here at TKFV. Listen to "$20 Gucci Belt"and download the track below:

Download here - Usershare | Hulkshare


Monday, October 25, 2010

David: Dave Raps x High Life

The last time we talked about Dave Raps was when his mixtape, Yes, I Do, was released back in August. His song, "High Life" (featured below), is one of the tracks off his upcoming mixtape, Too Unkown, presented by Ashley Unknown and dropping this Halloween (Sunday, 10/31). Take a listen to what is to come off of the new mixtape as Dave goes over J. Cole's, "Grown Simba," below:

Download here - Usershare | Hulkshare

David: Felix Cartal x Love (Vakkuum Remix)

The other day Vakkuum hit me up with his remix to Love by Felix Cartal. This version is going into the official remix competition and I wish Vakkuum the best of luck. Every new release this guy comes out with is even better every time and I'm in love with this track. Can't wait to see where it goes! Everyone support our homie and check out the track below!


Friday, October 22, 2010

David: TKFV Introduction - Jordan Boyea (Interview)

Jordan Boyea. Photo taken by Zack Griswald
I'd like to introduce one of the most important people I have ever met in my entire life, Jordan Boyea, to the readers here at TKFV. I've known this guy ever since I started DJing about 4 years ago, and honestly without him I doubt I would be the person I am today. This dude right here has motivated me to continue to do what I do and do it the best I can. It's good to have someone to look up to.

Just last week we sat down together for TKFV's very first interview, and I'm glad it was him. Get ready though because this is only the first! Get to know Jordan Boyea below:

D: Could you tell us a little about yourself?

J: My name’s Jordan Boyea. I’m 29 years old, and I run a small clothing boutique on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont. I’ve been doing this for about 8 years and I’m also a part of a men’s contemporary clothing brand based out of New York City and Vermont called Create Build Destroy. I do public relations, marketing, and production for the brand.

D: What got you into fashion?

J: There wasn’t really one specific thing that got me into fashion. It wasn’t like I went to school for it. In high school I was an art major but I was very mediocre at art. I was more into the ascetics of music and fashion, and I think that’s what got me started. When I was living on the west coast in California I got introduced to a brand that was up and coming at the time. When I moved back east, I brought the brand back with me and figured I could start a store in Burlington where there wasn’t that genre of clothing in the area. So I decided to open up a store here in Vermont and that’s how I got my start.

D: When was Steez founded and what got you involved in creating this company?

J: Steez was founded in 1997. Then it was only my current business partner’s, Fattie B’s, online business, selling T-shirts and artwork. I didn’t move to Vermont until late 2002. When he saw that I was in touch with these clothing brands that were only available in California, we came together and decided that we’d do art and clothing together in one store. At the time it wasn’t really called “street wear,” but that’s what it’s called now. We kept the name Steez because Fattie already had it incorporated before.

Steez Clothing on 104 Church Street Suite 2A, Burlington, Vermont
D: Tell us a little about Create Build Destroy clothing.

J: Create Build Destroy was a brand that my partner, Alex Hollender, and his cousin started as Create Clothing. They started their company when both were in high school, selling their products locally. They came to me a few seasons into its existence, and pitched this idea to me about how they wanted to expand the business, and change the name to Create Build Destroy. I thought the whole idea behind their business plan was cool, and something I could relate to. I really felt that there was a market here for their clothes, as fashion was changing at that point. They brought me onboard around 2007. We started working together and getting their clothes into magazines, blogs, and some of the best street wear stores in the United States and across the globe. It took off from there and we came to a point where we stopped everything and changed directions and went more in the direction that we all really wanted to go in, which was more contemporary high end fashion. That’s been going on for the last year and it’s doing really well. Right now we have a show room in Italy that shows our stuff with brands like Henry Vibskov, Opening Ceremony, Surface to Air, etcetera. We’re also working with a show room in Scandinavia, selling all over Europe, Japan, and now we’re starting our conquest of the U.S.

D: Why was Create Build Destroy chosen as the name?

J: Within the foundation of an idea lie the seed of its destruction. In order for a creative progression of ideas to occur, one must be able to destroy the laws and codes previously built upon, and create something new. That’s the whole meaning behind Create Build Destroy.

D: What are some of your favorite trends in fashion today and some of your least favorite?

J: I’m not really much for the trends as much as what is appealing at the time and what’s going on both in our society, in music and art, and in different places in the world. Some of my favorite fashions came out of the rise of the dance hall, from 1970’s Jamaican culture, to the emergence of Acid Rock, Punk Rock in the late 1960’s and 70’s, the 1980’s in New York City, to California in the mid 1990’s. That’s where I take from, for it allows me to really gain respect for where fashion has come from in the past, which helps me to be successful at doing it in the future.

D: Where do you see fashion in the future?

J: I would like to see it keep evolving and keep with the idea that it’s not about catching on to the next trend that you see on TV or on some celebrity in a paparazzi shot. I want to get past that and do stuff that has a classic feel. Something that when I’m 45 years old or 50 years old I can look back and say I wasn’t looking like a complete idiot, like what was I doing. Like most people do, you know they look at their pictures from the 80’s or when they were younger and say what was I wearing? I think that’s kind of the appeal for any brand that’s trying to emerge right now in the place we are in history.

D: What’s one of your most memorable moments and/or accomplishments within the fashion industry?

J: Everyday is kind of like a blessing to be able to do what I’m doing. Working for myself, working with likeminded people of all different age groups, and really just surviving off of that in some form of success and the idea that from day to day I help run these two businesses that are both very much respected and a lot of people enjoy what we do and that’s one of the most rewarding parts about this. I don’t really have one specific moment or accomplishment, it’s just cool the people I’ve been able to meet and rub elbows with.

Alex Hollender (Create Build Destroy) and Jordan Boyea. This photo was taken by Gordon Von Steiner and was featured in GQ Magazine's "International Men of Style."
D: What advice would you give young people who are interested in going into fashion?

J: For any young person that’s going into fashion just do what you’re passionate about and truly believe is not just something that’s marketable to the masses. Like don’t go in trying to create the next Tommy Hilfiger or anything like that. Just do what you love and do it to the utmost potential that you can and the success will come with it as long as it’s what you truly love doing. I think there are a lot of people that come out and start T-shirt and clothing brands to catch that trend because it’s what’s considered cool. And there are thousands of clothing companies out there that do hoodies, tee shirts, sweatshirts, and put a little saying on the tee shirt or do a little graphic with headphones and it’s real hit or miss. I think you just have to stay true to what you really love.

D: What have you learned that you can pass on?

J: It’s an industry that you really have to know how to remove yourself from because there’s a hint of this “cool guy” ego that exists in this industry and if you can’t step away from it and come into some form of reality and realize that not everyone is a part of that idea you might get trapped. If you’re going to do it, definitely be ready because it’s very much an “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” kind of business. If you want something done to help promote your brand you have to do 7 or 8 favors in hopes that you get that favor back. Especially when you’re just getting started.

D: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

J: I hope I’m still doing what I love. I really try to focus on the day to day and pray that I’m doing the right thing. I always want to make sure that I’m a good business man and I want to make sure that I’m not cutting throats or doing people dirty by any means. As long as I stay focused on the direction I have chosen in my life at the age that I am, I hope that it really pans out and keeps me successful in the future.

D: Any last words before we end this discussion?

J: Growing up I used to always hear people saying, “This is how you’re going to live your life and if you don’t do it you won’t be successful.” And I got this feeling in the bottom of my stomach saying, “Not only do I not agree with you, but I’m going to prove you wrong.” Money was never the issue for me; I never cared about being a millionaire. I just wanted to do what I loved and was passionate about and do it how I saw fit. Like I said I was a very mediocre artist, I can’t play music, I can’t DJ, definitely can’t sing, never tried to rap, never tried to be in a band, like that just wasn’t me. But I wanted to be the spokesperson for that culture and show people that mine wasn’t just some antisocial outcast behavior where you say, “I don’t care what you told me, I’m going to do this, I don’t care, and I’m going to be someone who doesn’t contribute to society.” And I think that was one of the greatest parts about opening Steez because I remember thinking that I wanted to have a TV in here, some sofas and a chair, maybe a PlayStation, and just make it a place where kids can come. I have more to say, if you’d like.

D: Please, continue. I know there are many young people who want to hear what you have to say.

J: OK. Like there is the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club, but Fattie B. and I wanted it for “this” culture. For the kids that loved punk rock, skateboarding, hip hop, crazy art, traveling, and just living day to day. We wanted to build something and look how it panned out. All these young kids that are really amazing, intelligent, talented, and driven come to the store, and don’t hold these attitudes saying, “Well this person over here is disrespectful towards me, telling me that what I’m doing is dumb.” They do what they like to do and do it very well. We were happy to attract that so when these kids came here and felt comfortable and felt like Steez was a place they could call their own. We wanted to reach out to this next generation of kids that are going to be setting these precedents in our society and feed off their energy and feed off of what they are doing and seeing how they’re evolving from young kids to adults.
I believe that the generation of kids today are going to make a difference and not settle on being “ordinary” or contributing to the world in the way you’re “supposed” to be doing it, but really push it to the next level. And it’s inspiring for someone like me because I see a lot of people in my generation that just settled. That sat back and said, “Well I’m going to have some kids and I’m going to get married,” and those are all great things, but they tapped out to the world and to their dreams and said, “This is what I really wanted to do, but unfortunately it didn’t work out so I’m just going to give up.” I don’t see that in the generation of kids today. I don’t think they’re going to concede, they’re not going to give up, they’re going to keep pushing until what they’re passionate about is going to come to fruition and look at it and think this is what I created for myself and not only for myself, but for that next generation.
Just like what we were trying to do with Steez. You’re going to inspire and you’re going to drive people to do the same thing and not give up on your dreams. Why do we have to give up on our dreams? I don’t want to be 45 and act like a 45 year old. I want to be 45 and very much in touch with the pulse of our society and these cultures and these ideas that are being formulated everyday. In the reality of it in terms of why did we do Steez and why am I doing Create Build Destroy, I mean it’s definitely not for the money. I survive, but I will always take this with me whether it lasts for another 8 years or shuts down tomorrow and I have to move in another direction. I will always take this with me and the people that I have met, worked with, and consider family, and just keep building. So, finally, what I can say from my experiences and from my outlook on life as an adult is don’t give up on your dream no matter what it is. If you have a passion, perfect that passion and do it to the fullest potential you can and love it at the same time.

D: Thanks for your time!

J: For sure!

Create.Build.Destroy. Facebook Fanpage
Steez Fanpage

This post will also be featured in my school's paper in November (SBHS Rebel Word)


David: OFWGKTA Live at Low End Theory in Los Angeles

Below are two videos of OFWGKTA's performance at Low End Theory in Los Angeles Wednesday night (10/20). Since the minute Gray and myself met these dudes and started blogging about their music they have come a long way in just a short amount of time. Our support for these guys is through the roof and we're happy to see them getting the support they deserve from the whole world. Look out for these guys in a city near you soon because I highly doubt they'll just be performing in Los Angeles this year. Check out the videos below:

First song of the set. 2:30 = Swag

Montage from the whole concert


Thursday, October 21, 2010

David: Vader the Villin x Flips (Music Video)

Our good friend, Vader the Villin, just released his new video for, "Flips," produced by Kixsnare and directed by Duane Peterson. This song is one of the singles being released on his upcoming mixtape, which myself and D-Cutz are hosting. Keep an eye out on this dude and sit back and relax to, "Flips," below:


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

David: Maestro Knows x Killing it Softly

Maestro has been shooting this film for the last 3 months and he finally released it today. This is a perfect example of Levi's creativity comparing his film making and drift racing together. He even said it was his favorite piece to date. I go on this site everyday looking for something new to read or watch and get inspired off of. This is a dose of Maestro "Killing it Softly" as he documents Team Need For Speed's Mad Mike Whiddett & Matt Powers in Seattle, Las Vegas & Rosamond, California. Check it out below and enjoy:



Monday, October 18, 2010

David: Sarah Kjelleren Photo of the Week!

Sarah Kjelleren
Just when I thought I had made a decision on my favorite Sarah Kjelleren photo she comes out with this one to think about with the title, "Death By Riverside". Featured are models, Cat Darling and Domenick Pfau, both of which attend the same college as Sarah. One thing I'd like to point out about this photo is when I first took a look at it, it captured my emotions right away. Sarah's eye, vision, and addition of black and white really made this photo for me. This girl is amazing! Check it out below:

Click image to view full size

This photo above is the final version and TKFV is the first to hold this image on any website. Sarah's planning on entering this image in a college photography contest so we wish her luck on where this photo will end up! We have no doubt in our minds that this will go far. With talent comes success. 

To view more of her work check out her blogTumblr, or her Flickr!
Also to get in touch with Sarah Kjelleren her email is: sarahkjelleren@yahoo.com


David: Ron Dias x I Won't Budge

We first introduced, Ron Dias, back in July giving readers of TKFV a look into what was to come from his upcoming project, Way Past Love (dropping November 23rd). "I Won't Budge" is the next single released featuring Wolf J, O'Sound, and production by Rich Kidd. Dudes doing big things up in Toronto right now. Take a listen and download, Ron Dias' new track below:

Download DJ Pak here - Zshare
(features Ron Dias' first single, Stay Dreamin')


David: Heirplanes by Japanese Cartoon (Music Video)

13th Witness, one of my favorite photographers/directors today, and Lupe Fiasco, one of my favorite artists today, collaborated on Lupe's Post-Punk band's (Japanese Cartoon) new song, "Heirplanes," off of their first album, In The Jaws of The Lord's of Death, which released back in July. Lupe, who goes by his real name, Wasalu M. Jaco, in the band, sings in a british accent. Graham Burris sits behind him on the bass and Erik Hammer provides the guitar. Check out the video below:


David: MellowHype x Right Here

The group MellowHype (Producer, Left Brain and Rapper, Hodgy Beats) just released their first single, "Right Here," off of their upcoming album, BLACKENEDWHITE, dropping on October 31st. I'm excited to see what is to come from this project. Yellow/White was their first album, which I'm listening to right now, and that blew me away. Right now every dude in Odd Future has left me speechless after every song and every album so I'm hoping to continue it with this one and I have no doubt that it'll happen. Listen and download to, "Right Here," below:

Download here - Usershare



Thursday, October 14, 2010

David: Gaming for Life, Connecting Kids With Medical Needs by the Internet.

Mark Miller
Our good friend Mark Miller has started a nonprofit organization called, "Gaming for Life,"in order to give the opportunity to homebound and hospitalized children to connect with others through gaming. His goal is to raise $50,000 through people casting their votes for their favorite idea. We over at TKFV support him 100% and hope that you guys can help out as well. Take a minute and listen to his story:
Unlike most kid's my age I've been struggling with an illness for many years. At one point my illness left me bedridden for 2 years, and my interaction with others came from gaming on the internet. Many times when I lost hope that I'd become better, my friends online kept my spirts up. When I visited Boston, I was able to meet my online friends for lunch, and we still keep in touch today.
This experience has inspired me to create "Gaming for Life." "Gaming for Life" gives the opportunity to homebound and hospitalized children to connect with others through gaming. Patients could apply online for gaming equipment, and names of other patients that they could play with. This would give kids the chance to connect with others that they could relate to. Gaming for life would help inspire those who have found little hope in their lives, and limited interaction with others. Ill children could sign up through their local hospitals or doctors offices to recieve information about our non profit.

I hope everyone takes a moment and considers voting for our good friend. Head over to Pepsi's Refresh Project here and cast your vote!


Friday, October 8, 2010

David: Kanye West x Runaway Film x Album Launch

Kanye West at his premier of Runaway
Two days ago Kanye West gave a preview of his highly anticipated album and 45 minute long video for Runaway at Bafta in London. Instead of playing his album Kanye played his 45 minute long film which features 7 songs off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (dropping November 22nd).

For a little preview for the viewers here at TKFV here are some extra details of what you can expect from the film:
  • Inspired by "Thriller", Prince’s "Purple Rain" and Pink Floyd’s "The Wall"
  • Inspired by Picasso and Matisse
  • Encapsulates “An overall representation of what I dream”
  • There is a scene that features an over-sized paper mache model of Michael Jackson’s head
  • The film was written and directed by Mr. West, with the assistance of art director Vanessa Beecroft
  • Nicki Minaj narrates in a British accent
  • Selita Ebanks is cast as Yeezy’s love interest, and the “Phoenix”
  • Shot in four days while out in Prague, apparently pulling 20 hour days
  • There will be more ballet dancer appearances
(List via 2dopeboyz)

Following the film Kanye took to a Q&A with the audience and revealed some of the following:
  • Mos Def has already recorded 5 tracks for his G.O.O.D. debut
  • "So Appalled" is his favourite G.O.O.D. Friday release so far
  • Bon Iver is on 9 tracks off the album
  • The CRS project is still on the cards
  • He wants to tour the new album across the world and eventually perform a show in Egypt by the Pyramids
  • He is finishing up the Jay and Ye album in France at the end of this month, and they have already completed 5 tracks
  • Alicia Keys performed some of the vocals on "Lost in The World"
  • He was trying to sign M.I.A. to G.O.O.D. music a couple of weeks ago
  • Only 1 or 2 of the G.O.O.D. Friday leaks actually appear on the album.
(List via 2dopeboyz)

So at the end of the day Kanye is once again on a whole different level than anyone else in the game. Not a big surprise haha, but I'm very excited to see this video and listen to his new album (once again dropping November 22nd). Rosewood!


David: VT Union featuring Malice (Clipse) & Bobby Konders x "The 4word Movement Show: Union Daze Part 2"

Here's part two of VT Union's 4word Movement show. In this episode 4word affiliate Bobby Konders calls Nastee to explain what type of song needs to be recorded for them to get a hit. As Nastee and A.dog decide to play a few throwback "Street Fighter" rounds they are thrust into the world of animated video games, taking on the identities of Ryu and Sagat. They unite with the rest of the squad, Dakota as E. Honda, Malice as Balrog and Bobby Konders as Akuma and move 4word to fight the forces of evil. Their adversaries are Bison (the Nazi), Blanka (the Reptillian), Zangief (the Russian) and Guile (the Amerikkkan) who incidentally have taken Dhalsim and put him in jail. The Union fights against the forces of evil, battling across the globe, from the jail house to the White House only to find themselves stuck in this animated, Street Fighter world. Watch and find out how they get back to the "real" world!

The 4word Movement Show is written and produced by Nastee & A.dog

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

David: Lazerdisk Party Sex x Safe Mix Volume 1

I'd like to officially present to all of you Lazerdisk Party Sex' first mix featuring songs by Fake Blood, Louis La Roche, Bob Sinclair, Duck Sauce, and of course one song from Lazerdisk themselves. Seventeen songs in fifteen minutes are brought to you all mixed together and presented as a great dance set. Check out the tracklisting, listen, and download below! And don't forget to become fans of these guys on Facebook!

Download here - Mediafire


Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks (LAMBS Remix)
Fake Blood – I Think I Like It (Tommie Sunshine & Figure present EC$TACY Edit)
Lazerdisk Party Sex – Don’t Touch My Moustache
Bob Sinclair – LaLa Song (feat. Sugarhill Gang)
Louis La Roche – Missing You (feat. Ad-Apt)
Kid Gloves – Bare Knuckles
Fake Blood – Fix Your Accent
Duck Sauce – The Motion
Gregor Salto & Mokoomba – Messe Messe (Afro Dub)
Kenny Dope – Lawanda Big Bottom
Neighbour – Starson 45
The Partysquad and DJ Alvaro – Lucky Star
Homework – Trumpet Express
Swivel Hips – Smell My Fingers
Yolanda Be Cool – Gypsy Moves
Louis La Roche – Be Brave
Mr. Oizo – Gay Dentists (YONILLA ICE Rework)

David: TKFV Introduction - Kyle "Fattie B." Thompson

Kyle "Fattie B." Thompson
Kyle Thompson (also known as Fattie B.) of Burlington, Vermont has been a DJ, MC, and visual artist for a decade and a half, and has also been one of the biggest role models for Gray and myself as young kids growing up in Vermont. He is one of the most recognizable characters for talent in Vermont today and will always be seen in my eyes as one of the most amazing people I have ever met in the art and music world.


While locking down a regular DJ slot on 90.1 FM (WRUV) radio and attending Champlain College in 1993 under the pseudonym Fattie Bumballattie, Thompson joined the acid-jazz/soul/funk group BELIZBEHA as the lone MC. The seven-piece collective (which featured 2 female vocalists and a full rhythm section) spent the next 7 years touring, performing an average of 200 shows per year. BELIZBEHA toured across the continental US 15 times as well as extended trips to Canada and Germany. During this time, BELIZBEHA sold more than 30,000 independent copies of Charlie's Dream (their debut CD) and Void Where Inhibited (their second disc) combined. BELIZBEHA was the first unsigned band to work with publicists Susan Blonde Agency, whose clients at the time included Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, BELIZBEHA was touted as “the next sure thing” by Billboard magazine in 1998 and appeared on Canada’s Breakfast TV two times that same year. In 1999, on the verge of a major label deal, the band disbanded due to inner relationship disagreements.

Following the end of the touring grind, Fattie landed a weekly weekend spot on the AAA radio station 96.7 FM (WPLS) called The Groovebox (along with fellow Burlington DJ Craig Mitchell). At the same time, Fattie released the first in a collection of independent compilations on his own Fattie B. Records entitled HOP, which showcased the finest downtempo, acid-jazz, hip-hop and soul from artists in and around the northeast U.S. Between 1999 and 2004, he released six subsequent volumes of the HOP series. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these discs went directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In April of 1999, Fattie began to DJ a weekly club dance party showcasing 70’s & 80’s hits entitled RETRONOME at Club Metronome. It quickly became the area’s most successful residence. Fattie is still at the helm of RETRONOME to this day.

In 2002, Fattie opened a small clothing boutique on Main Street in Burlington called STEEZ. He and his partner, Jordan Boyea, sold lines such as LRG, Mixwell, Xlarge, The Hundreds, Leroy Jenkins and Lemar & Dauley. STEEZ also sold canvases and clothing featuring the iconic artwork of Fattie (work inspired equally by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and hip-hop’s golden age).

In 2003, STEEZ moved from its smaller Main Street location to a larger, more visible space on the Church Street marketplace at 104 Church Street (2nd Floor). The expanded store now carries lines such as: Akomplice, 10Deep, Crooks & Castles, Black Scale and CTRL (among others). Fatties’ bold hip-hop and DJ inspired art can also be purchased as paintings, prints, posters as well as clothing. His posters and prints are distributed worldwide to thousands of retailers through Culturenik (www.culturenik.com), including: Target, Blockbuster, Urban Outfitters and Beyond The Wall. Fattie also currently has an on-going acrylic painting showing at Jan Larsen Gallery in Brooklyn, NY (www.janlarsenart.com).
Visit his web site at www.steezshop.com for examples of his work.

In 2005, Fattie produced and released Burlington’s Un-Scene, a collaborative compilation with local record store L-Burners that featured the best of the areas hip-hop MCs and DJs. He also returned to the microphone to lead seminal hip-hop groups Eye Oh You and Three the Hard Way (with DJ A-Dog) to extremely successful runs.
Fattie also released Greetings From Vermont: An Introduction To Burlington’s MCs and Djs in 2007 - another showcase of local hip-hop talent.

The list of major acts that Fattie has shared the stage with is impressive. Through his BELIZBEHA, Eye Oh You, Three the Hard Way, and DJ gigs, he has performed with these talents:

The Roots, Kool & The Gang, A Tribe Called Quest, Maceo Parker, Black Eyed Peas, Morris Day & The Time, Busta Rhymes, The Wailers, KRS-One, Ben Harper, Slick Rick, Africa Bambaata, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Pharcyde, Michael Franti, Talib Kweli, Gil Scott Herron, Jurassic 5, Sugarhill Gang, Ziggy Marley, Digital Underground, Common, US3, Redman, Big Daddy Kane, Grey Boy All-Stars, Guru, GZA, Brand Nubian, Groove Collective, Soulive, MOE, G-Love & Special Sauce, Smif N Wesson, Jon Fishman (of Phish), Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Schoolly D, C Rayz Walz, Mike G (of The Jungle Brothers), Oteil Burbridge, Ledisi, J-Live, String Cheese Incident, Disco Biscuits, Aquarium Rescue Unit, The Samples, Strangefolk and DJ Rob Swift, Revolution and Questlove.

Check out some of his music below:

Fattie Bumballattie - Spanish Fly (Recorded 2004):

Download here - Mediafire

Belizbeha - Children of the Jazz (Recoded 1998):

Download here - Mediafire

Locally, Fattie can currently be found locking it down at four different weekly gigs where he spins everything from hip-hop & soul to 80’s & old school.

You can get in contact with Fattie by E-mailing him at fattiebee@hotmail.com or calling him at (802) 238-2460


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gray: Rainy Day in LA

So I saw rain for the first time in 6 weeks yesterday, which lead to some kids showing me some pretty sick videos. They aren't new, but absolutely worth watching.
WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS NUDITY (still watch it, its sexy)

^My girlfriend sent that to me, ironically enough.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

David: Maestro Knows x Episode 10 (Va$htie Kola)

It's been awhile since Gray or myself have posted a Maestro Knows video, but here's the season finale of season 3 featuring director, Va$htie. In this episode Maestro follows Va$htie around New York City as they show a few people what her newly designed Air Jordan sneaker looks like in person.


Since we missed these too check them out below -

Maestro Knows - Episode 9 (Tyrone Davis)

Maestro Knows - Episode 8 (Professor Wonder)

Check out Maestro's website here


Friday, October 1, 2010

David: Funny Fridays!

My homie DJ Sum1 just showed me this a couple minutes ago. Thought I'd throw it up for a "Funny Fridays" post. So here you go! "Cami Secret Parody (Boob Apron)." Check it out below: