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Thursday, October 14, 2010

David: Gaming for Life, Connecting Kids With Medical Needs by the Internet.

Mark Miller
Our good friend Mark Miller has started a nonprofit organization called, "Gaming for Life,"in order to give the opportunity to homebound and hospitalized children to connect with others through gaming. His goal is to raise $50,000 through people casting their votes for their favorite idea. We over at TKFV support him 100% and hope that you guys can help out as well. Take a minute and listen to his story:
Unlike most kid's my age I've been struggling with an illness for many years. At one point my illness left me bedridden for 2 years, and my interaction with others came from gaming on the internet. Many times when I lost hope that I'd become better, my friends online kept my spirts up. When I visited Boston, I was able to meet my online friends for lunch, and we still keep in touch today.
This experience has inspired me to create "Gaming for Life." "Gaming for Life" gives the opportunity to homebound and hospitalized children to connect with others through gaming. Patients could apply online for gaming equipment, and names of other patients that they could play with. This would give kids the chance to connect with others that they could relate to. Gaming for life would help inspire those who have found little hope in their lives, and limited interaction with others. Ill children could sign up through their local hospitals or doctors offices to recieve information about our non profit.

I hope everyone takes a moment and considers voting for our good friend. Head over to Pepsi's Refresh Project here and cast your vote!


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