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Monday, May 10, 2010

David: Sarah Kjelleren Photo of the Week!

Sarah Kjelleren

Below is the photo of the week taken by none other than Sarah Kjelleren. In this photo is Jake Spector and my good friend and very talented model Tereza Kacerova. The styling was done by James Neiley. Once again Sarah does an amazing job in capturing not only Tereza and Jake, but the scenery. I mean look at those bulls in the background! Before I get anymore into this though Sarah described this photo herself. I thought it was a pretty funny story actually lol, but it sounded pretty intense and dangerous too. Check it out below:

We had spent an hour on makeup and styling when my dad came into the room and said "According to the weather radar, there is a HUGE thunderstorm coming in less than five minutes and will last for a long time." At that point I grabbed an umbrella and James, I, and the models grabbed everything that looked neat and jumped into the sienna mini van and zoomed towards the nearby farm. Right as we got into the driveway, the rain started coming down. I jumped out of the van towards one of the sons working on the farm and asked him if he knew we were coming. Apparently he wasn't told, so he turned off the electric fence and let us sneak under. Between the cow poop squishing beneath our toes, the lightening overhead and a small river full of mud separating us from the cows we had an interesting experience getting the shots. It started pouring, and I had already broken my camera once by getting it wet a year earlier, so I was getting very nervous. In the back of the shot you can see that these "cows" were NOT cows, they were bulls. We went back over the small river and were COVERED in mud. Then we heard a very frighting sound coming from behind us. Bulls that were charging after us! It was so scary, Tereza started screaming and we booked it out of there! We hadn't intending on them being there. We got out just in time, and it was pouring. We loaded back into the van soaked in mud, cow poop, and rain. Overall it was a very adventurous shoot and we learned a few things. Thanks to everyone at the farm who allowed us to take pictures there!

To view more of her work check out her blog or her Flickr!
Also to get in touch with Sarah Kjelleren her email is: sarahkjelleren@yahoo.com

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PS: Tereza - hope you're having a great time in Japan!

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Anonymous said...


Tereza said...

HAHAHA that was awesome. I was laughing the whole time we were running away from those bulls. And Sarah's shoe sunk in the mud and she had to fish it out, ew. And when we first got to the cow one, James was like "Make-up!!" and Sarah just yelled "We don't have time!" and so we ran to meet the bulls HAHAH

MAX yuki said...

I met (came across)tereza kacerova in japan (ropponngi&meizizinguumae 六本木と明治神宮前).
she is very kind and so cute^^
I love tereza!!!

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