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Friday, April 30, 2010

David: China Trip Day 13

To start off the day we went to the Temple of Heaven. When we entered there were all types of performances going on that we got to watch for awhile from opera to regular Chinese R&B. Which was weird again lol, but I can't understand it anyway so there's not much else to think about it. After all the performances we went to check out all the touristy things. The biggest one was the supposed Center of the Earth lol. There was a little circle in the middle of a big area that you could stand on and be at the center of the whole world. Of course I got up there and threw up my OKAY!! OKAY!! signs with my friend Michael. Only problem was that the photographer didn't get the platform in the bottom of the picture... which is the whole point. BUT I'll post it anyway for everyone to see. After the Temple of Heaven we left to go to the Pearl Market. Which is a giant shopping mall with jewelry (mostly pearls like the title says lol) and then a lot of knockoff items from iPhones to designer clothing. Pretty much anything you want you can get a knockoff of in China. And everything looks almost like the real thing lol. Tempting, but after shopping around the Pearl Market I went to a mall with our host Hu Jia and got a few things there. One very special present for a friend of mine when I get back too. When we were done we left to go meet up with the group at dinner. And after dinner we walked around this park area with a big pond, restaurants, bars, and stores and just hung out for awhile and enjoyed the rest of the night. And now I'm packing to leave for home. Staying till lunch tomorrow and then getting on a plane to head back to Vermont. There will be a Day 14 post when I get back home and there will be a return trip to this region of the world. It's been a good time for sure and I can't wait to come back.
TKFV x CHINA...yerrr


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