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Sunday, April 11, 2010

David: Frendy Lemorin x The Yellow Brick Road: David B.S Bradshaw

Below is the first Episode of the Documentary Series " The Yellow Brick Road" produced and hosted by my good friend, Frendy Lemorin and shot & edited by Julien Jauniaux. I posted the teaser not too long ago and was very excited to see what was to come out of this project. And so far after watching this first interview I am impressed with what Frendy and Julien have done. The man they interview, David B.S Bradshaw, is a very smart and interesting emcee living in New York City. But before I give away anymore here's a personal message from Frendy Lemorin:

"It is my up-most pleasure to present to you all the first episode of my documentary! I’d like to give a big shout out to my Cameraman/Editor Julien Jauniaux for doing a great job on this piece. He’s a Genius!"

Here's episode one of "The Yellow Brick Road: David B.S Bradshaw"

TYBR: David B.S Bradshaw from Frendy Lemorin on Vimeo.

PS: to download B.S' first solo mixtape, simply log on to http://trustbs.bandcamp.com

PPS: Frendy Lemorin is blogging again! Check out his Tumblr here!


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