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Thursday, April 22, 2010

David: China Trip Day 5

Today was a bad day weather wise. It didn't stop raining, and on top of things it was our shopping day which was mostly outdoors lol. We started the day at the Three Gorges Museum, which was cool, but mostly everything was in Chinese so I couldn't read anything. We did get headphones and a little voice thing to listen to someone talking about the exhibits in broken English though. After the museum we headed to Ancient Street, which is pretty much what it sounds like. It's a cobble stone street with hundreds of different stores and restaurants lining the outside. We mostly ended up stopping and getting these fried dough pretzel like pastries, which I guess are really popular because there was a line passing 10 stores down the street (and this was all in the pouring rain). But other than that we stopped shortly at a few stores people pulled us into trying to sell us something, which happens every single time because we're foreigners and they know they can trick us into buying anything. After Ancient Street we went to Industrial Street in the business district of town. This was where all the normal stores you'd see in America were, but mostly high end like Burberry, Dior, etc. Didn't really have enough Yuan for any of those stores either so we moved on to dinner. And dinner was a pretty big cultural experience called the hot pot where you throw food into a boiling pot of hot spiced up water so it cooks fast and also burns your mouth like crazy because it's so spicy lol. But otherwise it was really good and wasn't too bad. When we finished with that we headed to the Yangtze River for a river cruise around the city. It seemed like every building had its own little light show going on with it and the whole city was lit up with different colors. It was cool to see everything from outside the streets though and get a sense of what the whole city looked like. And once we got off we headed back and that ended Day 5.


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