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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

David: China Trip Day 2

Blogger was messed up last night so this is David's Day 2 post. Day 3 up soon.

Ah so I'm back with the second day to my China Trip. Today we went to the Great Wall of China in the morning and it was a workout lol. Going up there were a bunch of people trying to sell you various souvenirs, but when we finally got onto the wall it was amazing. It's cool going somewhere that you always saw pictures of or studied in school cause you never know how amazing the actual experience is till you're there. And let me tell you, it was crazy lol. I can't imagine how they built that thing. Just walking on it was tough, but aye.
Anyway leaving the Great Wall we went to the Olympic Village which was cool. Our guide, Cindy (who actually volunteered at the Beijing Olympics and saw the opening ceremony), told us it was forbidden to enter it... I don't know why, and I saw people on the other side of the fence when we were walking around, but I didn't bother to ask her. Either way it was a good time walking around that area. Plus I met some new friends again and took a picture with them throwing up the OKAY!! OKAY!! sign lol. And to end the day we had dumplings for dinner. So that's Day 2 in China.

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