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Friday, April 30, 2010

David: China Trip Day 12

Today we spent our last few hours in Ji'nan saying goodbye to our hosts and visiting Baotu Spring Park. At the park we got our first taste of Chinese Opera... Which is a little weird for my ears, but it was cool to see something so valued in Chinese history lol. The music and loud screaming in a different language was a little hard for me to listen to, but it was pretty interesting at the same time. Besides that we walked around for a little bit, and the whole park is beautiful. There were little kids everywhere too... and there's something about the babies here that make you smile lol. Most of them are fitted with pants with holes in the back too so it makes it easy access to poop wherever they are. And literally where ever. We went to a Walmart afterwards to see what the differences were (the only thing really was that there weren't as many people to take pictures of to throw up on People of Walmart and also there were some weird foods everywhere) and there was a kid full out using that little hole in his pants dropping dookies on the Walmart floor while his mom watched... yup lol. After that episode we left for the airport and said goodbye to our fantastic hosts Mr. Xing & Andy... Oh and also our bus driver who couldn't speak a work of English. On our flight to over to Beijing I met a new friend named David Dai who works for a company called Tesco, which is a British international grocery and general merchandising chain... kind of like a Walmart in the UK oddly enough lol. Lots of Walmart type stores in this post today. But he told me a lot about himself and China. He was born in China, but studied at the University of San Diego and said he loved it there. Which was interesting because when I met Eric (Day 10 post) he was very scared about going to the United States because he thought he would be outcasted like many Chinese students that come to America. Besides his personal life though he told me a lot about food, drinks, and Chinese nightlife. Which was good to hear some new information, especially from an expert who deals with things like food and drinks for his job. When we landed in Beijing we headed to our hotel, relaxed in our rooms for a little, and then went to dinner... which has probably been the best dinner I've had all trip so far lol. I liked everything that was served. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and that's where I am now. Kinda tired so I'm going to end it here. Last full day in Beijing tomorrow.
Day 12... almost over.


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