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Sunday, April 18, 2010

David: China Trip Day 1

So I'm finally here and after getting up at 4AM Saturday, April 18th, for a long 13 hour flight I'm exhausted. I also found a huge problem when I first started using the internet too lol. China blocked Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger (aka my life) so now I'm stuck sending this email to Gray to post up on the site. But anyway Day 1... When we first landed everything was so overwhelming. Beijing has the biggest airport terminal in the world so we had trouble getting to where we were supposed to at first lol. But nonetheless we made it through, got on our bus, and headed to our hotel. When we got there we checked in and went straight to our rooms (btw it's 3 AM Vermont time while it's 3PM China time one day ahead... so I'm pretty screwed up) and unpacked all our stuff. Then we headed to our first meal in China, which was actually pretty good. I was afraid to see what types of things would be served, but it ended up being food I was for the most part familiar with lol. And at the end of the day I made a new friend from China who's English name is Michael. So that's Day 1. Probably the most boring day of our trip lol, but they'll be many more days to come. Still two weeks left. Yerrr


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