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Monday, April 5, 2010

Gray: The Controversy of Marijuana in a Nutshell

*I know this video is old, but it needs to be talked about more.

I find it very funny when people try to tell me that smoking weed will make you stupid, lazy, and hungry.. ok well maybe the hungry part isn't a wrong, but the other two I have some thoughts about. People think smoking marijuana is directly related to being lazy and stupid, but what people don't realize is that those kids are already stupid and lazy before they started smoking weed. Parents and teachers come up with these examples of drop-outs and bums when they are talking about weed, but they don't touch base with the successful people who have used the drug to better their lives and their work, such as The Beatles, Vincent Van Gogh, or for this matter, Kid Cudi. It is pretty crazy that just a simple plant from the earth can spark creativity, and let people's minds open to new ideas and innovations. I'm not going to try to change some die-hard people's minds who think smoking pot is worthy of the chair, but I thought I'd just share my thoughts on the subject. So watch that video, see what the Man on the Moon has to say about the topic.

For those of you who want to know the real deal about marijuana, spend the hour and watch this video: The Union


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