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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

David: China Trip Day 11

We started the day saying our goodbyes and set off for Ji'nan, but on the way we stopped at Mount Tai. For those that don't know Mount Tai is one of the most famous mountains on the east coast of China. Instead of taking the 6 hour hike to the top though we took the transportation they had to the top lol. Yup, lazy Americans we are. When we were at the top we did the normal touristy things and took mad pictures of everything. And then we went to the very top of the mountain and had lunch at a hotel... which didn't end up being that good lol, but it's probably because I'm getting sick of all this Chinese food. I've been in a huge pizza and hamburger mood for a few days now. When we finished we walked back down to the gondolas and then took the bus back down to the bottom. Then we took off for the city of Ji'nan. When we arrived we checked into our hotel, which is ping pong inspired lol. They have one whole floor just for ping pong and all the rooms and elevators have ping pong designs on them. But after spending all that time looking around our hotel we headed out into the city to check out some of the nightlife. Our first stop was McDonalds though lol. The menu is weird, but they had McFlurrys so that was a plus. Afterwards we hit a mall to look around a bit and then we headed back to the hotel where I'm at right now. But I'm about to head back out again so I decided to do this now cause I doubt I'll be back for awhile. This is our first and only night in Ji'nan. Gotta make it last...
Ya digg! Day 11.


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