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Sunday, April 25, 2010

David: China Trip Day 6

**Sorry for the delay -- just took a little trip down to Keene State in NH to visit my homie Austin and his awesome friends.. so I have not been by my computer for a bit (which has been a good change of pace). But anyway, here's what has been goin' on on the other side of the globe.
Today was our last full day in Chongqing, and to start off the day we went to a Chinese middle school with kids ages 13-15. The minute we walked in we were swarmed... and this school has 6,000 kids so we were being treated like celebrities just walking through the campus. We were treated with a little performance done by the kids and then headed off to the basketball courts to participate in their gym class lol. All the instructions were confusing since the guy only spoke Chinese, but my new friends Zhang Shaosong and Xue Yongsong helped me out a lot to get passed the language barrier. After their gym class we headed off to check out some classrooms, which were so much different. I don't know if it was because we were there or not, but everyone is so much more interested in school over here lol. I asked some of them what they do in their free time and what I mostly got for an answer was studying. But I guess there isn't much else to do since this school was one of the best middle schools in Chongqing and the competition is crazy to get into this one. Just feeling welcomed home by English was enough to see that these kids were very well educated. After we said our goodbyes and left the school we headed to the Dazu Stone Carvings, which were carved 800 years ago. And these things were enormous lol, but the detail and perfection of every carving was amazing. We had a tour guide who spoke in broken English so it was hard to understand him... but what I did get was pretty interesting. Otherwise just looking at everything was enough. Once we finished our tour of the Dazu Stone Carvings we got on our 3 hour bus ride back to the hotel... which sucked. And that ended Day 6... Tomorrow Qufu.


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