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Monday, April 26, 2010

David: China Trip Day 9

Today we started off the day going to one of the Senior Middle Schools aka a High School, named The Affiliated High School of Qufu Normal University, and sat in on an English class. It was funny listening and watching the class being taught since I understood everything, but all the kids were struggling to get everything lol. We did meet a lot of new people though and exchanged emails and everything like that. Everyone is a lot more shy though compared to high school students in the US. We were talking to some kids and all they said they do in their free time is study lol. They aren't allowed to even have boyfriends or girlfriends till they're in college and were so surprised to hear that we were allowed to in the US. Their school days also went from 7AM in the morning till 9PM at night... which is crazy. I'd probably shoot myself if I had to be in school that long lol. We walked into one study hall and kids literally had a foot of books stacked on their desks. Everyones also obsessed with basketball over here. One kid came up to me and said "I know black people can run and jump really fast and really high... do you play basketball? You look like Tracy McGrady!" I didn't know what to do but laugh lol but I told him I did and we all played basketball for awhile outside which was fun.
Today was pretty much spent at the school, which was good because I finally got a chance to rest a little bit and I met some new people from across the world. It also opened me up into seeing how different high schools are compared to ones in the United States. So overall it was a good day. And that's Day 9.



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