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Monday, November 15, 2010

David: TKFV Introduction - 17 Year Old Mustafa Abubaker And His Book, The Surrogate

Mustafa Abubaker at a book signing
Our homie Mustafa Abubaker, a 17 year old senior at Woodward Academy in Atlanta, shot us an email the other day about his first novel, The Surrogate. Of course Gray and myself were interested the first minute we opened up the email and began reading it because we are huge supporters of young people like us chasing their dreams and making them into realities. Young musicians, directors, and in this case young authors have TKFV's support and attention 100%. Check out Mustafa's biography below:


Mustafa Abubaker penned a 108 page novel, The Surrogate, dealing with the coming-of-age of an unknowingly adopted child through the eyes of his father. Despite abundant loss, the characters exemplify perseverance, providing a very realistic approach to many of life's obstacles. Mustafa is currently hard at work promoting his novel and has his eyes set on a future that heavily involves writing.

The Surrogate
The book's website - http://thesurrogate.org/ (you can also order copies of the book here)

The Facebook Fanpage (to stay up on everything) - http://www.facebook.com/mustafaabubakerbooks


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