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Thursday, March 17, 2011

David: Los Angeles, Ditto, OFWGKTA, & The Grammys

Los Angeles
Yes, I know it's been weeks and I've been promising this post, but things have been so hectic lately that I haven't been able to get to it until now. This is Ditto's trip to Los Angeles featuring our homies in OFWGKTA and the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.
To start, Alan South and I got into Los Angeles on Friday, February 11th and of course had to make the first stop at the famous In & Out right by the airport.  For those of you who don't know In & Out... I'm really really sorry, but it is the best thing to hit the United States. This trip was Alan's first time out west so it was also his first time to an In & Out. The reaction was priceless. Check it out below:

After In & Out we retreated to our hotel where we hung out for awhile before figuring out our plans. Within an hour or so we went to Taco from OFWGKTA's house, which is also the location where all the OF rap albums and mixtapes have been recorded. When we got there I was introduced to Syd (also Taco's sister), Mike G, and the homie Toony TuneS, which was funny because neither of us realized who each other were until afterwards haha. Alan South, Taco, and myself had a long conversation about what seemed like everything from us, to OF, to girls, to music, and life in general. That whole conversation and atmosphere to begin with at the studio made me realize how smart and put together OF is about everything they do. Below is a little video of the recording booth where all the OF albums were made. It's a little hard to understand what's going on in the video, but Taco is explaining all the graffiti on the wall from meanings, to when they were drawn, etc. Check it out below:

After Taco's Alan and I went to meet up with our homie Anwar, who is also the manager of Casey Veggies. Some of you may recognize the name Anwar from Tyler's recent song Yonker's where he says,
"Rappin' as I'm mockin' deaf rock stars
Wearin' synthetic wigs made of Anwar's dreadlocks"
He was also in our Two Kids From Vermont vs Los Angeles video last year.

He invited us to a Stone Throws event on Hollywood Boulevard at this store called Freak City, but by the time we got there it was already pretty late so we didn't stay for too long. The scene was pretty cool though and there was a good amount of people even at the time we arrived.

From there we went back to the hotel to start over.


On Saturday, Taco invited us to hang out at their normal spot where Gray and I met them last year. Pretty much all of the artists from OFWGKTA were there except for Hodgy Beats (who I met quickly last year at the Diddy Riese event with Johnny Cupcakes), Syd, Mike G, and Frank Ocean. I did get to see Tyler, The Creator again though and shot a quick video of him, which you can check out below:

Unlike what many people might think about OFWGKTA and their personalities, these kids are some of the funniest people I have ever hung out with in my life. I don't think I went a moment without laughing the whole time I was there because something funny was always being said or happening. 

As the day went on though, Alan and I met up with my good friend Aaron Rovner who is a student at USC. We spent the rest of the night with him going to some USC parties and just catching up. Rovner was the lead trumpet player in my Jazz Band two years ago when he was a senior and I was a sophomore. I saw him last year in February as well during Gray and I's trip to LA. This time around though there was definitely a lot more going on and Alan and I returned back to our hotel tired and ready to start the next day... Grammy day.

53rd Annual Grammy Awards Ticket
On Sunday, Alan and I spent the beginning of the day getting ready for the Grammy Awards, which my very good friend Mei Mei Zeprun invited us out to. We arrived at the Staples Center and the day really began. 
Staples Center
Our first stop was the red carpet, which unfortunately I did not snap any pictures while I was on it, but Alan, Mei Mei, and I were able to walk with some of the worlds biggest stars. After the carpet we went inside, where the show began.
Inside the Staples Center
There's not much there is to say about the Grammys because I'm guessing many of you watched them on TV at home. The show is pretty much the same, of course, besides the awkward commercial breaks in the middle where they countdown warning everyone that the show is about to go live and everyone needs to get back to their seats. Also if you're sitting close enough that you're on TV they send in extras to fill your seats so that the crowd doesn't look empty when you get up to go somewhere. Below are some videos shot by Mei Mei Zeprun on her iPhone below though. Check them all out:

This was the opening

Rihanna & Eminem performing "Love the Way You Lie"

Katy Perry performing "Teenage Dream"

Dr. Dre & Eminem performing "I Need A Doctor"

Drake & Rihanna performing "What's My Name"

Me, Mei Mei Zeprun, & Alan South
And that's pretty much Ditto's trip to Los Angeles back in February. Yes, once again I know a long time ago, but I finally put the post up for everyone to read here at TKFV.

Huge thanks to Mei Mei Zeprun for making this trip possible in the first place and also a shout out to the homies in OFWGKTA for letting us kick it with them again. 


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