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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

David: Spain Trip - Day 12

A part of the cheese factory/farm
Today we had a tour around a cheese factory. We started off walking to check out some of the animals on the property and saw a few sheep to start. Next we saw some tamed bulls that weren't harmless and kept their distance and never charged. So we were actually able to walk into their area and try to interact with them. The whole time I found myself dodging poop piles and hoping my nice dress shoes that I wore on this field trip stayed in tact. But don't worry TKFV I was successful and kept my distance and kept my shoes clean!
Tamed bull (at least I think that's what they said it was)
After our outdoors visit we went over to the factory where they make the cheese. They had a nice little lunch ready for us too with fresh cheese, meat, water, and bread. I swear I haven't eaten much cheese as good as what I had today. I couldn't stop hogging the plate just to myself I loved it that much. I'll even be carrying a small package of cheese back to the US with me because it was so good.
Food they prepared for us
After the cheese factory we stopped in a small town to walk around for a few moments. I snapped one picture of the view of the town when I was there.
Once we returned back to the school, James and Matt came with Manu and myself to my house. Manu had to study so I worked on my Spanish presentation on snowboarding and skiing for tomorrow morning and then played a soccer game with them (of course I won I'm too good). Afterwards we went downtown where we met up with Luis, Connor, Amanda, and my new American friend, Kata, who I mentioned yesterday. We all went to the same bar we've been going to almost the whole time this trip and just talked. Jose Juan, Matt's host, our friend James (pronounced Hi-me), and Luis' cousin all came later to sit and enjoy the rest of the evening. Everyone then left except for Manu, myself, and Kata and then our friends Sarah and Cristina joined us for awhile and we watched the first half of the Manchester United versus Chelsea game. Once the first half ended we said goodbye to everyone and went home.

Right now I need my sleep for this presentation tomorrow though. I'll be letting everyone know how it goes! Adios!


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