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Thursday, July 29, 2010

David: TKFV Introduction - Dave Raps (Rapper)

Dave Raps

Recently we've been in touch with a rapper out of New York named Dave Raps. At first we were introduced by a fan named Chad Phillips and after listening to one song Gray and myself were impressed with the sound. Immediately Chad got us in touch with his manager and the rest is history. Another dope music addition to the TKFV family. Check out his biography and some music below.


Music is evolving and heading in a different direction, and there are a handful of up and coming artists who understand that; Dave Raps is one of them. Born and raised in Yonkers, New York, Dave was always around reggae music growing up in a Caribbean home. It wasn't until his family made a migration to the south when he realized that the change of scenery would change him. Central Florida became his new home in 2004, and he felt like his new southern surroundings lacked the culture and the pace that New York had to offer. During the next four years, Dave found himself working at jobs he didn't see a future in, and trying to find out what he was put on this earth for.

Dave Raps first started working on his craft in 2008 when he felt like he needed a purpose for the rest of his life, and he never turned back. His music is unique in the sense that he bridges honesty with creativity. His music is a blend of inner thoughts and outer influences. Dave is in tune with what people want to hear from rappers and he's been a student of the game ever since he bought his first mic. With time, he hopes to bring his sound to the forefront, and become one of the newest voices in hip-hop.

Sounds So Good (produced by Vee Nyce)

Can't Remember It All (produced by Vee Nyce)

I Get Doe (Freestyle)

Mixtape on the way!


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This shit is hot! You got a Future Ahead , People gonna Be lovin this

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