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Friday, July 16, 2010

David: Gerald Walker x I Remember When This All Meant Something (Artwork, Tracklist, + Final Leak)

Later today (July 16th), our good friend Gerald Walker is releasing his new project, I Remember When This All Meant Something. This is something Gray and myself have been waiting for and we're excited to listen to what Gerald has put together for everyone.
Up top is the official album cover, which is done by Shane Allen from CarmelloVision Designs and is inspired by Luke Cheuh's "The Explosion." Below is the back cover artwork, the tracklist, and, "The Journey," which serves as the final leak from the project which will be available tomorrow at gwalkermixtape.com.

Track listing
01. Everything People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
02. I Remember When This All Meant Something (Part 1)
03. The Journey
04. Not At All (featuring Bryant Stewart)
05. Ready To GO!
06. Wait A Minute [Ode To The Little Homies] (featuring Add-2 & Slot-A)
07. Selah Ups & Downs
08. Silent
09. Gotta Work (featuring Mr. Robotic)
10. We Used To Talk For Hours On End & Now It's Like We Never Knew Each Other...
11. High (featuring Slot-A, Mr. Robotic & Add-2)
12. I'm Gonna Remember That You Are My Friend, And Fall Asleep on Your Floor... 13 You Can Make It If You Try
14. I Remember When This All Meant Something (Part 2)
15. The Last Something That Meant Anything

Bonus Tracks
*Focused feat. Bryant Stewart
*Mistakes We Haven't Made (Produced By Symbolyc One)
*Shh. Its Ok! You Have The Right To Hate

Executive Producer: Barron 'Slot-A' Bollar for Bang Hot Productions
Executive Producer: Gerald Walker for One Step at a Time Music Holdings.

Below is the final leak and third song off of the mixtape entitled, "The Journey (Sweet Chin Music)." Listen to and download the track below!

Download here - Mediafire


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