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Friday, February 18, 2011

David: Spain Trip - Day 1!

Royal Palace
Today was our first day in Spain, and it seemed like it lasted an eternity. I was suffering from jet lag and I still haven't slept except for an hour nap in my room and a 30 minute nap, which didn't work out too well, on the plane. On top of that, the hotel we're staying at isn't the nicest place in the world, but my friend Connor and myself were able to explore the area a little more earlier today. We walked along some of the streets, parks, and bridges for most of the day and found a nice restaurant where we relaxed and ate ham sandwiches. I also had my first Burn energy drink experience, thanks to the recommendation from DJ Sum1, and that instantly woke me up for the day (which is part of the reason why I haven't slept much).

After our time exploring the area we took a quick tour of the Royal Palace, which can be pictured above. We were not allowed to take pictures inside, unfortunately, but the architecture and work put into this building was amazing. Also the stories that were mentioned about the previous rulers living in this Palace were interesting as well. 

After our tour we were able to relax for a bit and had our first dinner in Spain. I started off with an appetizer of ham and potatoes, had a veal dish as an entrée, and ended with cheese cake. So far a slow and tiring, but good start to the trip! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Below are some more pictures from the day:


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