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Saturday, February 19, 2011

David: Spain Trip - Day 2

Monastery in Madrid
Day 2 in Spain was another relaxed day for the most part. We started off with breakfast at the hotel and drove about 30 minutes to a monastery a little outside the city. Unfortunately it was another location where we couldn't take pictures inside so I wasn't able to get much, but our tour guide took us around and told us about the history and the significant events that happened within the monastery. One of the most magnificent rooms was the Pantheon of Kings located just below the church. The whole room was covered in marble and gold with tombs surrounding the walls of different Kings and Queens of Spain.
Library in the Monastery
Afterwards we went to the Prado Museum where we saw paintings from some of the most famous and well known artists including Francisco Goya and Diego Valázquez. Again we weren't allowed to take pictures, but I did sneak a few just for you guys so please excuse the bad angles because I was trying to hide my actions.
Las Meninas by Diego Valázquez (1656. Oil on canvas)
This is one of the most famous paintings of all time
Once we finished touring the Prado Museum we went into the center of Madrid, went shopping, and got dinner. I didn't really want to buy anything so I stuck to trying to makeover some of my friends, which it worked out pretty well with one of them. Cleaner fit for the win, guys get off that baggy look you should be off that by now. 
Kilometer 0 (the center of Madrid)
After shopping we went to dinner, which I started off with a three cheese salad, then a steak with a spicy dressing, and finished it with cream puffs for dessert. Day two in Spain done, a lot more to go!


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