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Saturday, February 26, 2011

David: Spain Trip - Day 9

Right now I am extremely tired, but I cannot go to bed without doing a blog post. So, excuse me if this one is a little short haha.

This morning I had churros with hot chocolate. I really love Spanish food I can't get over it. Everything that I've had out here has tasted amazing. It's kind of weird though. America is well known for being fat, but I've eaten so much more while I've been here. For breakfast I had everything that's in the picture above and for lunch I had a potato soup, bread, some egg dish, and then a dessert. I swear my stomach was about to burst.

For most of the day, Manu and myself just relaxed. We played Pro Evolution Soccer on his computer and I beat him every time until our last game where he beat me by one goal at the very end... So lucky haha. Afterwards we went with our friends Santi and James to a DJing/breakdancing event. We were all expecting something a little different, but I was able to itch my scratch for a bit and get my craving out of my system.
Immediately after we went downtown to meet up with all our friends. Unfortunately it was too dark to get any pictures and I only took one that came out really bad which you can see below. We went to a few bars and clubs in the area and just had a good time. I was a little mad since my good friend Connor couldn't stay that long and his birthday is on Monday so I wanted to celebrate with him early. I guess we'll have to figure something else out and I'm sure we will. We are in Spain after all haha. 
Horrible picture in one of the clubs
Anyways I am really tired so I'm off to bed. I'll be heading out of Salamanca for the day tomorrow! Adios!


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