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Monday, February 21, 2011

David: Spain Trip - Day 4

Manu at a bus station in Salamanca
Today was our last morning in Madrid. We started the day off going shopping, where I picked up a pair of Converses (and I know in my last post I said I wasn't interested in buying much unless it was one of a kind or vintage, but I was craving my Converses at home so I picked up a cheap pair here).

After we finished up shopping we hopped on the bus to head to Salamanca, which took us about three hours. When we got to Salamanca all of our friends were waiting outside getting ready to greet us with their families. I said my first hello to Manu in Spain and met his mother for the first time too and we drove to his house where I got my first tour.
We ate lunch and I struggled to understand his mother's accent a bit, but I was able to pick things up gradually and was able to respond with a little help from Manu. After we finished eating Manu and myself went downtown to meet up with the rest of our friends and we had our first get together downtown.
My friend Luis at our get together
After our get together Manu and myself went back to his house for dinner with his whole family where I met his father and his sister for the first time. Again, it was a little struggle at first, but I'm getting used to everything slowly. I brought some gifts along with me from Vermont too which I gave to them. So I hope they liked them all!

Anyways, that was pretty much my whole day today. Tomorrow I'll be heading to Manu's school for the first time and celebrating my birthday at night! Day 4 done.

Check out some more photos from the day below:


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