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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

David: Spain Trip - Day 6

Myself & Sofia
Before I get into day 6, I'd like to write a personal message to my parents because the picture above is the first picture I've put of myself on TKFV while I've been out in Spain. So mom and dad I am alive and well with no scratches on my face as you can see. 

ANYWAY, we started the day much like yesterday (at least the going to school part). We went to school, I fell asleep in philosophy class, attempted to take a test that I couldn't understand, went to technical drawing class, had a brain fart in technical drawing class, and then we went to play a game called, padel (which is a game much like tennis).
Younger kids in the playground
Manu in technical drawing class
My friend James and myself were partners for the day and we tried to play our friends Matt and Connor two times, but kept getting moved around every time we tried to play them. By the end we finally got our match, but unfortunately we lost 21-19 thanks to James hitting the ball out of bounds. Way to go James haha. After we finished playing padel we all went outside to eat lunch... on the pavement while it was easily in the high 70s today. I had a ham sandwich (and by the way the ham in Spain is ten times better than the ham in the United States) and a drink, which was quickly made warm by the sun. And after that I played soccer, which made things even worse for me haha. But I was on the winning team with 5 Americans verses 3 Spaniards... not fair I know, but they are ten times better than us. After we played soccer I had to rush to the sink to drink the tap water to cool down and then we got on the bus to head back to the school to get picked up to go home.
Connor at lunch
A few hours later Manu and myself went to our friend Lucia's really big house to eat merienda (which is Spanish for snack and the meal between lunch and dinner). We brought a few pastries for the party and everyone else that came brought food too. I ate A LOT and now I'm sitting here poking at my stomach I built up tonight. On the bright side of things though all the food was good. I have to clap for all the vegetarians from America on this trip because it definitely is not easy to be one in Spain.
Half of Lucia's house
Cristina & Gonzalo
Some of the food from tonight
After Lucia's we went home, where I am typing out this blog post on Manu's couch right now. We ate dinner, which in Spain is a lot later than it is in the United States. We didn't sit down at the table until maybe 10:30PM and I had bread and palete (the front leg of the pig). Manu's parents are yelling at us now though, so I'm off to bed. Adios TKFV!
Manu and the palete


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