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Sunday, February 27, 2011

David: Spain Trip - Day 10

Lazy Sunday wasn't so lazy today. Manu, his family, and myself all went to Segovia and Ávila for the day, both different provinces in Spain. First we drove about an hour and a half to Segovia where we spent the first half of the day walking around town, checking out El Alcázar (a castle in the city), and finished off the rest of our time there at a restaurant. I've eaten a lot this trip, but I think I ate the most today. I started with lamb and a salad accompanied by bread and finished off the meal sharing two desserts with Manu. When I'm back in the United States I think all I'm going to be eating is salad for about a month or two.
Another view of Segovia
Manu & myself 
Manu, Myself, Manu's dad, and Manu's sister Claudia
Claudia, Manu's mom, and myself
The cathedral
Another view of Segovia
The menu (I ordered the cordero lechal asado with Manu)
Myself & Manu
After Segovia we drove about 30 minutes to walk around in Ávila for a few minutes. We were only there for a little bit because we had to get home, but Manu's family wanted to show me another area of Spain. I enjoyed the views and watching the sun set for the few minutes we were there. After Ávila we got back into the car and went back to Salamanca.
Another view of Ávila
When we got back to Salamanca Manu and myself met up with our friends Sofia, Alyssa, Santi, James, Amanda, and Lucia. We hung out for about an hour and then Manu and myself went back home. We ate dinner (and I don't know how I did after all that food I had for lunch) and now I'm about to head off to bed. Goodnight TKFV! 

P.S. - For those watching the Oscars tonight can you let me know how they are?


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